FIFA 20: Major Changes Confirmed By EA And The New Gameplay

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FIFA 20 Major Changes

EA has pointed out some of the gameplay improvements that they will be made to FIFA 20 before they announce the game. On top of their list is the AI defending. EA has said that it will be laying a lot more emphasis on the defense and they will upgrade the manual defending as well. EA plans to increase the chances of a manual tackle taking the ball to a team. The overall results from the automatic defending and the reaction times will be slower.

The shooting in the game is also being renewed. The attackers will get more accuracy when they are under easy shooting scenarios. For example, when they are clean through on goal with only the goalkeeper to beat. The reaction times of the goalkeepers have been reduced in these situations.

Adding to this, the timing window for the green timed shots has been reduced to two frames for all shots. EA reassured the players that green timed shots will still be more accurate than non-timed shots.

EA is also working to make the passing more realistic along with the shooting. They have particularly said that they want to make the difficulty strikers better. They have said that volleys will be less accurate than before. Also, the first time passes will result in weaker passes.

To compensate for this, the easier situations will be more accurate. There will be two new passing options in the game. The first is— the driven pass-and-go (this will replace the current manual pass button combo) and the second is the dinked pass. The dinked pass will be user controlled only. FIFA 19 was a very average game, and so, I believe that EA will have to work extra hard on FIFA 20. E3 2019 will have the answers to our questions about the new game.

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