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Surface Book 3: update, Price, And Specifications

Surface Book 3 update
Surface Book 3 Display Photo

Microsoft’s Surface Book had an immense improvement with Book 2, but there were some flaws in it still. Now, the time has nearly come for the Surface Book 3 to be better than its predecessors. The company has kept quiet about this, but that didn’t stop the rumors for flying around on the internet. There are a lot of rumors around the internet on this piece of tech. Book 2 possesses a USB-C 3.1 port, which was nice, but it wasn’t enough. But, Microsoft might be upgrading that to a Thunderbolt 3 port which would not only be faster but also be more compatibility with a variety of accessories, especially monitors and external graphics cards.

One of the most important reasons for it to upgrade to Thunderbolt 3 is because Microsoft is working hard on the upcoming Holo Lens 2 and is working hard to be AR/VR friendly. The best way to make it more user-friendly is to make its next big laptop model compatible with AR and VR headsets which includes the HoloLens. But it requires a great amount of power as well as a strong GPU and a connection as powerful as Thunderbolt 3. This laptop might be getting a more powerful Nvidia GPU, which makes a lot of sense for Microsoft’s adjacent goals. The Book 2 had several nods to Xbox players, and it had easy wireless controller support as well as an increased focus on Play Anywhere titles.

If Microsoft wants the Surface Book 3 a gaming device, they have to upgrade to faster Nvidia graphics. Moreover, if they really want people to play AR/VR content from the Surface Book, then upgrading the GPU is necessary to support the headsets people will be using. There are two main issues, one of which is that the price will increase and the serious step forward in cooling if it hopes to make the Surface Book 3 a serious option for creative professionals. As for storage, the Surface Book 3 had a 1TB of SSD storage and up to 16GB of RAM. This is quite good, and it would be the same in Surface Book 3, but RAM might be increased because it would need more RAM if Microsoft wants to advertise it as a VR-ready device.

The processor of Surface Book 3 might be Intel’s Ice Lake processors which are arriving in 2019. They are specifically made with tomorrow’s 2-in-1 computers in mind, and if Microsoft is planning to release this laptop in 2020, it will make sense to get this processor if they release it sooner than older Whiskey Lake processors will be the option to go for. The price of Surface Book 3 hasn’t been officially released yet, but it might start around $1,200 and might end around $2,500. As for the update, it might be releasing later this year in the month of October.

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