Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Three Different Life Paths

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Cyberpunk 2077 life paths

With the release of their E3 2019 trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 and after that we will be getting some gameplay reveal later this year by CD Projekt Red. With that, the devs are also revealing some other information about their amazing upcoming game. One of the information was that vehicles in-game will all feature radios. Now, we got so info about Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths which was revealed to us by the Quest Director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz.

He told that the player will have to choose between three different Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths in-game. What these are is an alternate backstory for V which will have an impact on their personality and the way that other characters interact with them. The name of these three Life Paths is Corpo, Nomad, and Street Kid. Names of these Life Paths were revealed in a Tweet from the game’s official Twitter account.

Tomaszkiewicz said, “This time around, we have a big variety of different skills which players can modify as they develop their character throughout the game.” He further added “and in turn, they can use these skills to discover different paths through the levels, to discover different options and quests. On top of that, we also have this thing called the Life Paths, which are the origins of our character.” The players will be able to select these life paths at the very start of the game, during character creation.

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The devs did this in order to represent V’s life up to the point of the start of the game. Moreover, Tomaszkiewicz explained each of the three Life Paths usefulness, a Corpo character would have advantages when dealing with corporate characters, as for a Street Kid it would find it easier interacting with gang members. All this seems very good and we would love to know more about it. The impact that the Life Paths on gameplay and how much they play into the story is currently unknown. For now, we the fans will have to wait for more information from CD Projekt Red.

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