Sims 5: Excluded From EA’s E3 2019 Line-up, Will The Game Ever Make It?

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Sims 5

The Sims 5 may not happen this year, we never had any expectations for it coming out this year either. Sims was conspicuously present from its absence at EA’s E3 2019. And to be honest, we don’t have any expectations of it making to the headlines this year. Despite how much we’d hoped, Sims 5 didn’t make it to EA’s E3 2019 line-up. However, we were awarded, Sims 4: Island Living expansion, that included the mermaids and dolphins in the game.

Sims 4 wasn’t that big of a surprise, as EA clearly had specified in its earnings report that in FY20 they would bring 20 new content drops and expansion packs to the Sims games across networks of PC, mobile and console. But neither the publishers or the developers at Maxis have hinted at anything game change or improvements or even the fact that it’s coming.

Sims 5 Fan-made poster

Sims 5: Fan-made poster

Neither publisher EA or developer Maxis, have dropped a hint of the game in the long-running series, but there’s something else that we heard some time ago. Reports suggested that The Sims 5’s release would entirely depend upon The Sims 4 success. Maxis said that Sims 5 is not in works currently and that no one at Maxis is thinking Sims 5.

But then, if Sims 4 isn’t successful, Sims 5 will not happen at all. The producer of Sims 4, Grant Rodiek said that the official Sims forums will only release during The Sims 4. But now, that record isn’t there anymore, it has been removed. I mean, sure this is show game sequels work, things aren’t confirmed for now.

With Sims 5, fans have requested features such as the pen world, cars, etc. Features such as open-world exploration were a hit in Sims 3, the beautiful neighborhood was a treat to the eyes, so we need it back. There need to be more and more options when it comes to transport, so that’s something that we are looking for in Sims 5. In Sims 2, on the other hand, the neighborhood creation tools were so epic and creative, houses could be built from scratch and tools that were provided were handy. So if that comes back, we’d be more than exalted.

Let’s us know what you think on the future of Sims 5. Yay or Nay?

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