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Tower Of God Season 2: Exclusive Characters

Tower Of God Season 2: update and Exclusive

In this article, we are going to talk about the great Japanese series Tower of God. Today we will be discussing what can we expect from season 2 of the great series Tower of God. Let me first tell you that Tower of God is also known as Kami no Tuo in some parts of the globe. To commence with I want to give you a brief about this great series. This series has been one of the most fans loved series till now.

With great appreciation to season 1, all the fans of the series are waiting for the season 2. Some of the news will be based on official facts and others will be based on fact-based rumours. Tower of God started its first season by airing its first-ever episode on 1st of July 2014. Unlike other series, the series does not have only 10 episodes or 13 episodes. But the humongous amount of 500 episodes per each chapter.

Let me first give you a brief what the story is all about if you haven’t watched it yet. The story is based on a compulsory military duty which is the character of this series has to perform. While watching the series it seems that the writer has a good amount of creativity. When the writer finished writing, he had almost 10 new stories with astonishing and ravishing sketches which you will see in the future that is in the next season of Tower of God.

Tower Of God Season 2: Exclusive Characters

Tower Of God Lead Character

When Is Season 2 Releasing?

We can expect the new season of Tower of God anywhere in mid-2021. Stay tuned to this site to get updated to all the latest announcements. If you haven’t watched it yet I recommend you to watch it down as soon as possible in the lockdown. Talking about the update of the new season of Tower of God. Earlier the release of  Tower of God season 2 war scheduled to be held on April 2021.

We all know that due to coronavirus pandemic no one can shoot outside but because this is the anime based series we believe that there will be not that much delay. Before continuing, I want to give you the update that season 1 of Tower of God is currently available on Crunchyroll for free. You can always subscribe to its premium version if you want 1 episode ahead of the free users. The creators as well as fans are waiting for the release of Tower of God season 2. 

We can expect the new season of Tower of God anywhere in mid-2021. Stay tuned to our site to get all the latest updates.

Tower Of God Lead Character


There are a few desires that the characters of the past season will most likely come back to repeat their jobs in the new season. The characters of past seasons have played out their jobs with outrageous flawlessness. Thus, they all were profoundly valued, and furthermore their fan following expanded immensely after this arrangement. A portion of the notable entertainers are;

Matthew David Rudd aka Rak Wraithraiser, Johnny Yong Bosch aka Bam, Chris Hackney aka Khun Aguero Agnes, Cherami Leigh aka Anaal Jahad, Valerie Rose Lohman aka Rachel, Trent Mills aka Lero Ro, Scott Whyte aka Shibisu, Hochu Otsuka aka Headon, Kazuyuki Okitsu aka  Evan Edroch, Takuya Eguchi, Toshinari Fakumachi aka Hatz, Nicolas Roye aka Hatz, Jeannie Tiradi aka Endorsi Jahad and Cristina Valenzuela aka Serena. 

In the event that you haven’t viewed the past season yet, at that point I might want to encourage you to watch this arrangement as it can without much of a stretch make you begin to look all starry eyed at its characters and voice cast. This was all from our side about this arrangement. On the off chance that the makers report any we will refresh that in this post as quickly as time permits.