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I Shave My Beard. Then I Pick Up a High School Girl Character Sketch Released

Shaved my Beard then Picked up a High School Girl

Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou (“I Shaved My Beard. Then I Picked up a High School Girl“) aka Higehiro is a Japanese light novel series focused on comedy and romance written by Shimesaba with the illustration of boota. The series serialized online in March on Kadokawa’s novel publishing website called Kakuyomu. Afterward, it was published by Kadokawa Shoten with three volumes under Kadokawa sneaker Bunko Imprint since February 2018.

There is also a manga adaptation by Imaru Adachi serialized in Shonen Manga magazine Monthly Shonen Ace. Finally, the anime adaptation is on its way which was announced by Project 9.



An office worker man got rejected by his crush on a date. Being heartbroken and drunk while returning from his date to his home he met a beautiful girl who is a High Schooler asked him to let him stay in his place and it returns he can have his way with her. Which starts the romantic comedy life of a 26-year-old salaryman and a runaway high school girl.



The lead main role of the story. He is an office worker who lives in Tokyo alone in an apartment. He usually appears with a tucked white shirt with a black blazer with a long blue long tie. He is a man with decent looks and is pretty young with well-built stature.

Yoshida is an independent person who is quite reliable and dedicated to his responsibilities both outside and at work. He sometimes helps his colleagues by taking half of the load working overnight. His type of woman is mature and older women. He only had one girlfriend in his life and that was his senpai back then at high school.

Yoshida applied for an IT company five years ago and met Airi and ever since then he has developed a crush on her. After finally scored a date with Airi he confessed his feelings to her but sadly rejected claiming she is already had a boyfriend. On his way home he met a High School who was looking for a place to stay and made advances on the heartbroken and drunk Yoshida.

Sayu Ogiwara

Sayu Ogiwara is the main female character of the story serving as a runaway girl in the story. Sayu Ogiwara is a beautiful young girl with a cute face with dark brown hair with brown eyes. She is shrewd with a playful flirty mask.

Sayu ran away from home for unknown reasons and so she has to seduce men and use her body as a bargain to get food and shelter. Among the men, she found she ended up with Yoshida in the same way though he rejected her advances and starts the motion of the story.

Airi Gotou

Airi Gatou is the supporting character of the series. She is the boss and love interest of Yoshida. She is a beautiful mature woman with silky brown eyes and hairs which she keeps it either braided or tied to the right side. She also has a beauty mark under her eyes.

Airi is a little manipulative but above that a kind and caring person. When Yoshida and Airi went on a date and on that same day Yoshida confessed his love to Airi though Airi turned her down.

Yuzuha Mishima

One of the supporting character of the story she is the junior and mentee of Yoshida. Yuzuha is a 22 years old young and cute woman with short hair which is wavy light brown in color and hazel eyes. Though she is an adult she has a laid back personality who never gets serious on work. She never puts much effort even if the deadlines are close instead she the advantages of the other superiors.

She was a recruit in Yoshida’s Company and was assigned to Yoshida’s project after jumping from one mentor to another. She later developed a secret crush on Yoshida and always tries to go out of her way to annoy him to get his attention.

Asami Yuuki

Asami is also one of the side characters and also a high schooler who is at the same age as Sayu Ogiwara in the story. She has blond hair and brown eyes and lightly tanned skin with a petite body. Shew always wrapped a sweater around her waist whenever she is in her high school uniform.

She works at the convenience store and later became close friends with Sayu Ogiwara.

Ao Kanda

Ao is a side character of the series as well as an ex of Yoshida from her high school days. Ao is 27 years old with a contradictory personality. She has short messy black hair and brown eyes. She is always has a cheerful aura around her and at the same time a mysterious aura around her.

Back then when Ao was in High School, she was a pitcher for the softball team. Yoshida nad Ao started dating after Yoshida confessed to her but soon when Ao graduated she soon lost the touch with Yoshida and then made dropped their relationship. They met again when Ao who was originally working for the same company as Yoshida’s transferred into his branch.


  • Direction: Manabu Kamikita
  • Character Design: Takayuki Noguchi
  • Series Composition: Deko Akao
  • Animation: Project No.9


The character rough design of Yoshida and Sayu has been released.

Character Sketch

Sayu Rough Character Sketch

Yoshida Rough Character Sketch


  • The series has won the 4th place in the Kono light novel ga Sugoi in 2019
  • A Comicalized version by Adachi is also being serialized in Monthly Shonen Ace (KADOKAWA).