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League of Legends Season 10 update Revealed: What is coming?

League of Legends Season 10

The 10th Anniversary stream of League of Legends was pretty cool. On the stream, we saw the lead producer Joe “New001” Tung talking about the preseason changes and some updates to the Elemental Drakes.

The dragon that spawns will now have influence over the terrain of Summoner’s Rift. The Water Drake will make the land greener and more bushes will spawn around the map. The Mountain Drake will bring more mountains, and Infernal Drake gets rod of terrain. The Cloud Drake increases the movement speed in the jungle. There are more brushes that are being added, and there are new alcove areas around the top and bottom areas.

League of Legends Season 10 Release

There is good news for the players as the preseason will be coming out pretty soon. The ranked League of Legends season ends on November 19. The patches afterward will have more content and so they will be heavy. The tenth season of the game will likely start sometime in January.

The players will have to be patient for some time as the release of the new season is still is a few months away. There will be more announcements in the future, and we will be keeping an eye on it, so make sure to check our website.

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