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I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 8 Updates So Far

I'm Standing on a Million Lives

Yotsuya is inside the Dark tunnel he can’t see properly and he is worried that the map is giving him the top and down view. He then saw a log point and log in he saw what has happened to his crew in their last mission. it has been revealed that Warrior Bihmsberg served the family for ten years and three months. He is dead lying on the ground and Yotsuya’s crew is mourning his death. Yotsuya remembers all the wonderful memories they have shared with Bihmsberg before he dies on a mission.

Inside the tunnel, Yotsuya is looking for Bihmsberg’s body and he finds it. Yotsuya started to blame himself that it has happened because he has joined up with Kahvel. Yotsuya is worried that he didn’t see his last face when he dies. He then pays the last respect and left saying goodbye. Later Yotsuya’s crew are facing the monster in the ruins that is heading towards them.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 8 Recap

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 8 will be released on Friday, 20 November 2020 at 10:00 PM JST. This Anime will release its new episode every Friday make sure to watch out for the upcoming episode spoilers. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll. .Allow me to take you to the recap and Anime’s preview below.

I'm Standing on a Million Lives

I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Previously on I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 7

Shindou, Hokozaki, and Yuka are in combat with vampire bats and Kahvel decided to face the boss who is holding the key that they need Kahvel told the monster that she will be glad when she cuts him while drawing out her sword. Kavhel started to exchange attacks with the monster who is using his steel hands to fight back. Kahvel reminds  Shindou that she shouldn’t have left the sports that she likes at school. Shindou remembers how she has lost in the finals and told Kavhel that she will do it again.

Suddenly the monster attack with his left-hand steel sword that passes through the body of Kahvel. Kahvel is hanging in the air and her sword fell down to the ground. She then falls inside the pool of water that is nearby and Shindou can’t believe that the brave knight is dead. When the monster tries to finish Shindou it stoped. Shindou remembers what Yotsuya told her about reaching rank ten ere time stops for everyone.

While the time has stopped Shindou change her job role from a wizard to Shindou Lu warrior sword. She attacks the monster but it kept on overpowering her. Suddenly Yotsuya reaches the scene and finds her lying on her back while the monster is falling with a sword stabbing on his head. Later the crew manages to rescue Kahvel and heal her.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 8 Preview

Today we have managed to get you all of the above details see next week when the new episode of this Anime hits. That is when we will be kicking another with new updates of the upcoming episode.