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Great Pretender Episode 20 Details, and Preview

Great Pretender

From the recent updates of Great Pretender, Dorothy manages to survive after being stabbed and revealed that it was part of their scam. Dorothy revealed that she and Ozaki were con artists and they were targeting Hugo. Laurent fell in love with Dorothy and took her to Finland to see the northern lights where they got engaged. The crew decided to break up after one last mission where they were targeting the human trafficking organization Shanghai Longhu-bang run by Liu Xiao.

Laurent tricks Lui and won his trust by beating him in mahjong and he decided to him as an interpreter. Laurent introduced Liu to Si-Won, who told him about a valuable princess of the former Ethiopian Empire. The princes run away from the civil unrest and went to live in Kyoto as a college student. Dorothy played the princess. Let’s find out what more updates this anime has to offer below.

Great Pretender Episode 20 Recap

Great Pretender Episode 20 will be released on Thursday, 26 November 2020, at 12:55, AM JST. Every Thursday new episode of this Anime will be released. Make sure to proceed with cation this post contains spoilers of the next episode. You can watch this Anime on Netflix.  Take a look down below.

Great Pretender

Great Pretender

Great Pretender Episode 20 Spoilers

Ozaki had a scheme with Si-Won and he shows the pictures of Dorothy to Liu revealing that she is a princess of the Ethiopian dynasty. Liu and Ozaki make a deal and he agreed to buy her for $10 million after Si-won threatened to sell her to Akemi. Later the crew kidnapped  Dorothy in Kyoto. They took her to Liu for them to get the offer they agreed on and they also rescue her the next day. Ozaki returned to Tokyo and Si-Won returned to Seoul.

The following day Laurent find out that the real descendants of the Ethiopian dynasty were coming to Shanghai. That will be the problem when Liu finds out that Dorothy is not the princess. Laurent reveals the truth to Ozaki and Si-Won and told them that they must flee. He then heads out to save Dorothy and Chen took her onto Liu’s private yacht. At the yacht, Ozaki told Liu the location of the money. Liu has already planed for Dorothy to get killed and she got shot to death in front of Laurent.

After the death of  Dorothy, Laurent is only left with the ring she wore around her neck. He then becomes depressed and Si-won returned to France and start afresh. After few years Laurent met with Cynthia in London who tried to scam him.  Laurent got interested in her skills and he decided to form a new gang with Cynthia, Si-won, and Ozaki.  Later he recruited Abby in Brooklyn for her fighting abilities. Ozaki serves his prison sentence and becomes Liu’s new interpreter.

Great Pretender Episode 20 Preview

That’s what we have to offer you about the latest development of the upcoming episode. New updates will be released next week Thursday as soon as the new episode hits.