Who Are The First Two Members Of X-Classified Team

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The first two members if the X-Classified team has been revealed as Psylocke and Havok. The team belongs to Marvel and is also known as dysfunctional. Right now, Psylocke is busy with the Fallen Angels, which will go on hiatus from the 29th of January.

Marvel has given an indication that some of the members of the team are former villains. For example, some X-Men villains night be included, such as Nanny, Orphanmaker, Mister Sinister, and maybe Feral and Thorn. The indication was made through a Marvel tweet, which referred to “Krakoa’s troublemaker.”

What do we know?

Not a lot of information has been revealed, but Marvel has promised to reveal the team members with time every day this week at noon Eastern time. The series has not been named yet. It will be released in March.

We already know that the X-Men teams and books consist of lots of dramas. However, the fans have already got excited with the two members being revealed. Havok will also join the X-Men team. However, the most anticipated character is Psylocke. It is awkward to notice a team consisting of Psylocke from Angels and X-Men members, but it will hopefully bring good news with the new characters.

It makes sense now why Fallen Angels had been delayed. We will probably get more details on the X-Classified team. Some silhouettes are working on the artwork of the looks of characters. Until more data is revealed, fans should see the pictures uploaded and should try to guess or make out some theories. It will be exciting to see how the weird team is formed, that is, what adventure will unite them. The team will also be fighting together, as claimed by Marvel.

X-Men fans, for the time being, can enjoy their dose of Psylocke in Fallen Angels, which has been released and is available at local comic book shops.

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