December 12-18 Japanese Animation TV Ranking: Which Shows Are on Top?

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Japanese Animation TV accounts for approximately 60% of the global animated TV viewership. Since the 1980s, this format has also enjoyed extensive international popularity with the growth of foreign dubbed, subtitled content, and since the 2010s, its increased availability via streaming services and a huge demographic acceptance of anime culture in both Japan and globally.

The favorite Japanese Animation TV ranking has finally hit the stations. Ranging from Sazae -San to SpyxFamily, the ratings from December 12 to December 18, along with their TV Stations and Household Rankings, are here. 

Oshiri Tantei
Oshiri Tantei; Credits: YouTube

11. Oshiri Tantei

Average Household Rating: 1.8

The Series premiered in 2018 and is now broadcast every Saturday at 9:00 on NHK-E. Each episode runs for 20 mins. Ayaka Saitou plays Brown, Yuuko Sanpei plays Oshiri Tantei, and Takahiro Sakurai plays Kaitou U in the crime-comedy-kids-anime Oshiri Tantei. He is brave and clever, and his charms are anything but ‘butt’. Meet ‘Butt Detective,’ a gentleman who says, ‘Hmm…I smell a case.’ Every day, he closes cases in the major city.

10. Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series (Pocket Monster)

Average Household Rating: 1.9

The TV animation premiered in 2020 in Japan and it was also released in Canada in 2021, where it became quite famous. In Japan, the series is shown on TV Tokyo, every Friday at 18:55. This 30 minutes show shows Goh’s mission to catch every Pokémon continues as Ash fights his way through into the World Coronation Series. They’re embarking on an adventure together. They’re embarking on an adventure together. Goh’s mission to catch every Pokémon continues as Ash fights his way into the World Coronation Series.

9. Spy×Family

SpyxFamily; Credits:YouTube

Average Household Rating: 2.1

Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family is a Japanese animation series written and illustrated by him. The plot revolves around a spy who is forced to “create a family” to complete a task, not realizing that the girl he accepts as his child is a super genius and the lady he agrees to marry is a competent assassin. Since March 2019, the series has been serialized biweekly on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ apps and website, with the chapters compiled in 10 tanks on volumes by October 2022. It is televised on TV Tokyo at 23:00 and runs for 30 mins. 

8. Delicious Party♡Precure

Average Household Rating: 3.0

The kingdom of CooKingdom is in charge of all gastronomy across various worlds. However, the kingdom’s valuable treasure, the Recipe-Bon (, Reshipibon), is kidnapped by the “Bundle Gang,” a group of phantom thieves whose goal is to monopolize all of the world’s cooking for themselves by capturing the Recipes. These miniature culinary fairies represent every dish on the globe.

As a result, three Energy Fairies from the kingdom were dispatched to the human world to meet Yui Nagomi and her friends, Kokone Fuwa, Ran Hanamichi, and Amane Kasai, in the village of Oishiina Town. They band together to become Pretty Cures to prevent the Bundle Gang from seizing all of the Recipe and reclaim the Recipe-Bon. This 30 minutes series is broadcasted on TV Asahi every Sunday at 8:30.

7. Crayon Shin-chan

Average Household Rating: 3.3

Shin-chan premiered in 1990 but the manga in its original form terminated on September 11 due to the death of author Yoshito Usui. The series is broadcasted every Saturday at 16:30 on TV Asahi. The series follows the exploits of five-year-old Shinnosuke Shin Nohara and his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbors, and best friends in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. 

6. My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia Season 6
My Hero Academia Season 6; Credits: YouTube

Average Household Rating: 3.7

The 6th season of the My Hero Academia animated series, which follows the plot of the original manga series beginning with the final chapter of the 26th book, is created by Bones and directed by Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai. It includes the Paranormal Liberation War and Tartarus Escapees storylines. It is broadcasted on NTV every Saturday at 17:30. 

5. Doraemon

Average Household Rating: 3.7

The plot centers around Doraemon, an earless robotic cat who goes back in time from the 22nd century to help a youngster named Nobita Nobi. A media franchise grew out of the comic. In 1973, 1979, and 2005, three anime TV shows were adapted. This 30 minutes series is broadcasted on TV Asahi every Saturday at 17:00.

4. One Piece

Average Household Rating: 3.9

One Piece is a beloved anime series televised on Fuji TV. It is available to watch every Sunday at 9:30. This 30 minutes show is about Monkey D. Luffy, a young guy made of rubber who, motivated by his childhood idol, the mighty pirate Red-Haired Shanks, sets out from the East Blue Sea to discover the fictitious prize, the One Piece, and declare himself as the King of the Pirates.

3. Chibi Maruko-chan

Chibi Maruko-chan
Chibi Maruko-chan; Credits: YouTube

Average Household Rating: 5.9

Momoko Sakura, a little girl known as Maruko, and her family reside in suburban Japan in 1974, and the series reflects their normal lives. Maruko is a nuisance, and each episode describes Maruko’s problems and the ways she and her friends resolve them. It is broadcasted on Fiji TV every Sunday at 18:00. 

2. Detective Conan

Average Household Rating: 6.2

Detective Conan is created by Gosho Aoyama. It premiered in 1996 and was adapted into Television Anime Series. It is televised every Saturday at 18:00 on NTV. The show is about the investigations of a detective whose biological age has been chemically reverted to that of a preadolescent kid, but whose real mental development must be concealed. Shinichi Kudo, a seventeen-year-old expert detective, possessed everything. He could handle any problem that was raised to his attention at lightning speed.

Sazae-san; Credits: YouTube

1. Sazae-san

Average Household Rating: 8.4

Adapted from Machiko Hasegawa’s 1948 daily cartoon that bears the same name, this series chronicles the day-to-day hilarious antics of Fune and Namihei, their 3 children Sazae, Katsuo, and Wakame, Sazae’s husband Masuo Fuguta, and their child Tarao. The beloved series is broadcasted daily on Fuji TV every Sunday at 18:00. 

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