Netflix Movies To Stream This Valentine’s To Make Your Evening Splendid

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Are you looking for a perfect way to plan your Valentine’s Day? Every year on Valentine’s, you wish to surprise your partner with a uniquely amazing date. However, this year try to escape the pressure of perfection and relax in romantic movies’ dreamland. Moreover, a comfy in-house date while binging a rom-com movie series still sounds enjoyable. With a glass of rich wine and your favorite movie-time food, you can have a gorgeous evening with your partner. Furthermore, we have a series of movies lined up here. You can either have a good laugh or romanticize with your better half or maybe cry a little. Pick up what seems to set the tone of your evening and enjoy your quality time.

1. The Notebook(2004)

If you have already seen this film, then knowing the ending, you cannot turn your back on it. The Notebook(2004) is one of the most incredible plots any movie can have. Moreover, the dramatic turn of events will leave you in awe. The story is about a young couple and their summer romance. The plot opens in a hospital room where an older man reads this story to a lady patient. Noah Calhoun is a poor lumber mill worker, and Allison Hamilton(Allie) belongs to an upper-class family. They quickly fall for each other. However, what happens to be love at first sight, isn’t as sweet as a fantasy. Furthermore, this difference in their social status stands like a big wall between them. 

Allie’s parents never approved of her relationship with Noah. The two argue when Noah tells Allie that this won’t work. This felt like the end of their young romantic affair. Since the plot is set during World War II, Noah is deported to serve on the battlefield. However, he receives the news of Allie’s engagement with someone else. Even though they both drifted apart, Allie and Noah find the lost spark in their relationship. But Allie is now torn between the two young men who love her immensely. Furthermore, what happens next in the story will leave in shock and tears. This is a bittersweet story of two people and the true power of love. You will relish this movie once you watch it.

2. The Big Sick(2017)

If you want to see your partner giggle and enjoy a love story, then The Big Sick is the best option for you. This is a rom-com movie with a rollercoaster ride of emotions. There is love, drama, pain, troubles, rejection, and laughter. The lead characters include a struggling stand-up comic, Kumail, an uber driver, and Emily, a psychology student. Firstly, their cultural differences cause some problems. Since Kumail’s parents disapproved of his love affair, he is disowned by them. Secondly, Emily is suddenly admitted to a hospital where her illness takes her into a coma. Emily’s parents did not want Kumail to stay there, but he persists. They appear to consider his help and appreciate his support. 

Furthermore, when Emily is recovered, she refuses to take Kumail back. Even though she knows about how he took care of everything when she was in a coma, she disagrees. On realizing this, Kumail decides to move to NYC and start a new life. However, Emily watches a video of Kumail where he talks about his love for her. This makes Emily meet her, but Kumail stays by his decision to move. He then continues with his stand-up while Emily follows him. For sure, you will adore their love-hate relationship alongside Kumail’s comedy. 

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3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before(2018)

This is a movie series based on the book trilogy of the same name, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved.” It is all about high school romance and teenage drama that goes around in everyone’s life. This particularly is the story of a girl, Lara Jean. Lara hides her feelings from the boys she liked or had a crush on, being an introverted person. Moreover, to express her emotions, she writes a letter to each of them but never posts them. However, her secret isn’t safe for long, and the letters go public. It is her sister Kitty who has mailed the letters to respective guys. 

Furthermore, the next day of school happens to be weird for Lara. She is trapped in this whirlpool of all the guys she liked before. However, there is one guy, in particular, Josh, whom she cannot get over. The chaos of letters causes more problems, and Lara is drifted away from Josh. This is a perfect watch for a movie marathon. Moreover, teenage romance will bring about youthful charm in your relationship.

4. 50 First Dates(2004)

Yet another interesting storyline starring Adam Sandler(Henry) and Drew Barrymore(Lucy). This romantic drama film portrays two very different characters who eventually fall in love. Henry is a womanizer and picks up on the ladies that visit his town. Accidentally, he comes across Lucy, who is a resident, and thus avoids hitting on her. However, he ends up having lunch with her the next day. He starts showing his interest in this girl but is unknown about her condition. Furthermore, when Lucy refuses to recognize Henry the next morning, Henry is shocked. He comes to know that Lucy has short-term memory loss and could not recollect what happened the previous day.

Since he continues to persuade her, Lucy’s parents deny him of any closeness. As the plot progresses, we can witness the secret meetings of Lucy and Henry. He even makes the tape about their relationship so that Lucy can hear it every morning. This way, she keeps realizing her love for Henry. The story unveils in the most beautiful way possible. Her love changes Henry, and he becomes a better person. Moreover, loving her even she keeps forgetting him every day isn’t that easy either.

5. Set It Up(2018)

The name of the movie gives the exact glimpses of what is happening in this story. Set It Up is a romantic drama that tells us that love should not be forced. The plot revolves around 4 characters, two bosses, and their respective assistants. Firstly, the two assistants, Harper and Charlie, run into each other while picking dinner for their bosses. Harper and Charlie meet the next day and share how they outwork every day. This has made their personal life miserable. As a joke, Charlie mentions that their bosses should date to give out less work and stay busy due to the relationship. Harper finds it weird at first, but after giving it a second thought, they agree on setting their bosses up. 

Eventually, they make sure their bosses, Kristen and Rick, get close to each other. When they finally start dating, Harper and Charles are a bit relieved from work. Charles could give time to his girlfriend, and Harper could now fix her dating life. But some troubles are about to rush their way. Moreover, while dealing with all this, Charles realizes that he cares for Harper and wants to be with her. Surprisingly, to set their bosses up, Harper and Charles caught feelings for each other for real. 

These are some of the movies that you can enjoy with your partner on an adorable Valentine’s date night. These classic movies will make your evening memorable for sure!

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