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The Nest Episode 4 Cast, Trailer and Storyline

The Nest
The Nest Image Poster

The Nest is a drama based series broadcasted in the United Kingdom. The series has already been published in the Popular British channel BBC. Previous episodes of the drama have gained a positive response from the crisis delivering the full-fledged emotional combustible drama. We have collected more information about the drama series with the motive to provide you with overall details. The last episode of the episode is published on April 5th, explaining the struggles faced by the wealthy rich couple for having a baby.

Many might have already watched the previous episodes. Still, there will be many awaiting to watch this series. For those remaining’s this article will provide you with the glimpses of the storyline. The core theme of this drama lies in explaining the emotional battle wealthy couples facing for babies.

When Is The update Of Fourth Episode

The fourth episode is all set to be released on April 12. The update has been officially confirmed from the production. As similar to the last season the upcoming episode will also be broadcasted in BBC. The drama is written by award-winning and most renowned story writer Nicole Taylor. Taylor has created several successful drama series, which made her name more popular in writing interesting scripts.

The Emotional drama is directed by Andy De Emmony. The Nest made its initial debut release on 22, March 2020. Due to the increasing popularity and positive response rate, the production is excited to take the series further forward. The IMDB rating of this Television mini-series is 6.7/10 and Rotten tomatoes, providing 83%. Overall the series has gained excellent feedback along with moderate critics. Since shooting and desk work has already completed there won’t be any delay in releasing the fourth episode of this season.

Who Is In The Cast involved in The Nest

The cast involved in The Nest, a thriller episode

  1. Sophie Rundle as Emily
  2. Martin Compston as Dan
  3. Mirren Mack as Kaya
  4. James Harkness as James
  5. Fiona Bell as Hillary
  6. Liz Ewing as Janis
  7. David Hayman as Scouter
  8. Bailey Patrick as Callum

The Nest Trailer and Updates


Recap of Last Episodes

Five-part series explains the emotion of wealthy rich couple suffering to have a baby. In the first phase of the episode, Dan and Emily have struggling to conceive for a child undergoing treatments. Dan and Emily area the wealthy persons living a happy life only whing which makes them incomplete is having a baby. Both we’re left alone with last frozen embryo finding for a womb to implant into growing into a baby. Fist episode of this season has got so much of an emotional sequence they are undergoing.

Kaya, a Stranger, enters their life with no idea what she gonna face later. She was asked to do a favor that she can’t refuse. Everything was explained to her about the situation that a wealthy rich couple facing.  Kata was made do accept the offer of accepting the offer made by the wealthy couple. She was so generous with humanity to take giving a baby at a tremendously smaller age. The story has many hidden secrets fitted throughout the story. Their main characters Kaya, Dan, and Emily face a lot of emotional combat within themselves.

There are many fans waiting for another positive episode portraying the sufferings and caring that wealthy couple face facing along with an 18-year-old girl who has played the role  to carry their embryo to provide them with a baby.