Crash Landing On You Season 2 Spoilers and All You Need To Know

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Crash Landing on You Season 2 Spoilers

Are you looking for Crash Landing On You Season 2 Updates So Far? You are at the right place. Crash Landing on You has been a revelation of sorts, it has been so popular that the fans are now demanding another season. This show is a Korean drama and is directed by Jeong-Hyo. The storyline of the show is awesome and all the main important things about this show are great.

Before we begin, please note this post may contain official spoilers from the previous episodes of Crash Landing on You.

Crash Landing on You Spoilers

Crash Landing on You Season 1 was a huge success. The story starts off when a paragliding incident goes all wrong. The female character is known as Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) accidentally lands in North Korea while she is from South Korea. She lands in a forest and meets Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin) who is an army officer from North Korea.

The two instantly develop a bond and fall in love. Ri Jeong-hyuk promises his lover that he’ll do all he can to take her back to her country. It seems that the whole world is standing in-between the two lovers, while they secretly plan to flee.

The season 1 of the show had a pretty sad ending but that could be well fixed in the second season. But there is still a very big question mark over the second season to even come out. Traditionally, there are no second seasons in the Korean drama but that could change. Netflix who are distributors of the show worldwide has also not said anything regarding the new season so far. But since the story is left right in the middle of affairs we’ll hopefully get another season of this show.

Crash Landing on You: What is it about?

Crash Landing on You Season 1 released in December 2019 and the sources say that the second season of Crash Landing on You will be also released in December but in 2021. This means that there is still a lot of time to go. Ratings wise the renewal of the show will be obliged by Netflix because it was a spectacular success story.

Whatever happens, will be interesting to follow up. Some fans are even suggesting that they would have preferred a happy ending to season 1 rather than waiting for the second season.

Crash Landing on You Season 2 update

If the Crash Landing on You is given a green light, then Crash landing On You Season 2 will release sometime in 2021. As for now Season 2 is not been announced by Netflix. Stay tuned.

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 24/03/2020)

Last Episode Summary

Ri Jeong-Hyeok being accused of being a spy in Seoul. Yoon Se-Ri threw herself in the line of fire to save Jeong-Hyeok. It seems like her health is deteriorating. It is possible that Jeong-Hyeok got captured when she was unconscious.

The preview also shows Gu Seung-Jung speaking to someone on the phone, denying any connection to a certain woman. It is not revealed who the woman in question is in the preview. He also adds that he doesn’t care if the woman is brought over. In another scene, we see Seo Dan going through a ransacked apartment that was previously occupied by Geung-Sung. The immediate next scene shows her sobbing.

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  1. I was so touched by the story.. superb continuity.. no dull moments to watch that you have to go for the next episode. Got me watching for 2 1/2 days.. sleeping at 5-6am and after a days work, continued watching.. or even in between calls or text of PMs.. working at home coz of corona virus issues.. such a great help during these times.. now still watching for the 2nd time from Episode 1 since yesterday when i finished the 16Episodes.. cant wait for Season 2… any plans of having a tour, specially here in the Philippines?.. of course, after this covid19 issues.. whew! so excited to see you in person.. specially Mr. Ri????????

  2. Yes. It will be a game changer for korean novela to have season 2. There’s still a lot to explore in the relationship, is it really possible to have a relationship officially between South & North koreans. Can they get married?

  3. I super love the Ri-Ri couple! They both spark as a love team. I would be very glad to wait for Crash Landing On You Season 2. #CLOY will always be my number one romantic-comedy series.

  4. I hope that, there’s a season 2 .. Marami din kasi nag rerequest na sana may Season 2. Dito ako na mangha kasi eventually walang connection a ng NK sa SK nakaka amazed din dito nakikita mo a ng pagkakaiba ng mga kultura nila.

  5. Yes! Most of the viewers really wanted a season 2. The story was just so amazing. We can’t help it but to see their faces again with the same casts in Season 2. We want to end it properly like they don’t have to met just once in a year but everyday. Plsssss season 2????????

  6. i really crashed for cloy that i was able to watch staight the 16 episodes(till 6am-huh yes no sleep❤❤❤when i qas abput to go to school so hurriedly i left&got lost of my projector that i was using in my class @ the tricycle coz cloy still lingered on my mind that i wish to have season 2 & so excited to watch it.of course after trials & thrilled moments the story must be a happy ending for RiRi❤

  7. Please please please can you leave all the fans hanging. We were expecting for a happy ending but you disappointed the fans. You can still make it up to us. It is never too late. Season 2 please?!?!?!?!?

    1. I understand you but the writer wants to end it in a different way rather than a usual cliche or predictable ending and that’s better for cloy.

      It’s better without s2. I love kdramas because they mostly don’t have s2. A new story as good as this one is what I need.

      A short story with No s2 is what make kdramas unique for me. S2 tires me.

  8. It would be great if there will be season 2 because the ending wasn’t that satisfying. I hope there will be season 2. We will wait ????

  9. Crash Landing on You is an awesome tv serie. Hope to see second season soon. Luv the two actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. I watch the serie many times.

  10. I am already satisfied with the happy ending of season1(romantic excitements and tears) i’m getting in love with Hyun Bin tbh haha and i think creating another story for season 2 was a good idea i will be still supporting the piece. Thanks for making a good Melodrama like CLOY, it was my first and last kdram(lol) never in my entire life watching kdrama series but CLOY pushed me through with the help of my friends lol

  11. CLOY was an amazing story. The chemistry between the lead characters was beautiful I’m watching it for the second time and I love it even more than the first time can’t wait until the second season comes out if you need help getting Netflix to agree just let us know. It’s a great show it’s got it all thank you so much for directing and filming this picture.

  12. I really want a second episode, this is the best serie of all the Korean series I have seen , it’s such a beautiful story and I really want a happy ending and many more adventures of them. ????

  13. Why did go sung joon die in the end ???? i watch this series just because go sung joon ang soo dan , doesnt matter how much dan was hard hearted she love go sung joon , i just wanna cry , each sunday after school i didnt eat lunch cause i wanted to watch a new episode but i just watched half of it cuz my english class and i didnt study for that too ????????
    On my birthday the last episode come and i was so sad at that day so i use some pills and i sleep whole day on my birth day ????????cuz of go sung joon

  14. I do hope season 2 does come out, I loved show and am hoping to see what will happen in season 2, I have watch many Korean show they are great

  15. Please proceed with Crash Landing On You. Many fans will appreciate it if the staff and the cast (same cast please huhuhu) will push the Season 2. Personally, I really love that drama. It was a total package!!! ❤❤❤ Please consider in doing another season. Please TVN Network and Netflix. Thank youuuu. ❤❤❤

  16. it’s much better if in the season, the characters from season one is still the same, because the viewers will be excited to watch the CLOY season two because of the chemistry of the previous characters.

  17. I am CLOYED! There is no Korean drama that can surpass CLOY season 1. But, if the same people who made Season 1 can do season 2 with the promise of even better season 2, then I an sure it will be another global success for Hyun and Son! Bring it on!!!

  18. Please let season 2 be!! I want to see a wedding and kids. I want for them to see each other everyday not just 2 weeks every year. Want to see her back at military housing whee she made a good friends. Watched it twice and going on my third time.

  19. I think the whole world fell in love with these two… This serie gave me so much joy during this misserable corona-Spring. Hope and love -that is what we ALL need. Waiting for Season 2 – with love from Finland <3

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