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Shameless Season 10 Confirmed: Rumors Suggests A 2019 Premiere

Shameless Season 10 was recently confirmed by production studio Showtime which made it network’s longest-running series. Although, many fans doubt that this season would turn out to be the final season of this hit series.

‘Shameless Season Nine’ is nearing its last episodes, leaving fans thrilled for the upcoming season of Shameless to air. This raises the biggest question of will Shameless Season 10 turn out to be the last season? As per sources, there is no confirmation regarding Season 10 being a final part in series.

Shameless cast

Shameless Season 10 conformation was no surprise for fans. Gary Levine who is president of Showtime announced Shameless Season 10 in January 2019. Television Critics Association’s Levine mentioned, “The Gallaghers are a force of nature, and they are coming back.” Levine also stated that Shameless alongside its fast-growing fan base is intense and famous than any other TV Series. Showtime is excited that ‘Shameless’ will live on with its unique blend of love and crime on this Network.

Coming to Shameless season 10 we have no exact date yet. Showtime has only confirmed the news of upcoming season but has not released a fixed date for same. Each season of ‘Shameless’ had been published in different months in the different year following no pattern, so ais hard to predict.

Many sources confirm that the regular cast of Shameless would return for upcoming Season 10. William H. Macy who plays Frank Gallagher will be back alongside Jeremy Allen White who portrays Lip, Ethan Cutkosky who plays Carl, and Emma Kenney who plays Debbie. Although sadly fans won’t see Emmy Rossum as Fiona in forthcoming Season 10. Emmy Posted this news on her Facebook page earlier in January

According to the rumors, the tenth season of Shameless will be coming by the end of 2019, to be specific, around October 2019. However, we do not have any concentrate information on that; we will get back to you with more information for the same.

Updated on 16 April 2019:

Hello all the Shameless fans, we are here to provide more of the information, as it has been a while since we last heard something about the show. Many are still mourning over Emmy Rossum’s exit, but I have a news which might turn that sadness into happiness. Well, it has been confirmed that Noel Fisher is supposed be featuring in Shameless season 10. Here is the official tweet backing my argument:

We know that Noel plays Mickey in the show, who is another fan-favorite character. We have seen a cameo of him previous, but in this season, he is supposed to be a series regular. That is a big good news for sure!

While we are happy to hear that, we are still concerned over the update. The makers are still producing the next season and bringing in more cast member, which hints that the show is still under filming stage. We are still counting on Fall 2019 and I hope that Showtime completes all the work and brings the new season at time.