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Dragon Ball Super: 2019 update Confirmed?

DBS Return

Dragon Ball Super has generated a lot of rumors regarding its future recently, and the movie just added fuel to the fire with its ending that just suggested there is more to see from the Saiyans. At the same time, we have the Dragon Ball Super manga continuing and it has already started a new arc called Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc.

This arc is set after the events of the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie and is yet another confirmation that the show is set to return in the future. So, when exactly will Dragon Ball Super return? We’ll be discussing that and everything else that we know about the show in this post. There may be a bunch of spoilers in this post for those who aren’t caught up to the Dragon Ball Super story, so please make sure that you’re caught up to the anime at least. With that out of our way, we can get started.

Well, what we do know is that it is going to return at some point in 2019. Every major source is reporting the same thing and there was recently a leak about the episode schedule for Fuji TV which said that more episodes of Dragon Ball Super are in production right now. Toei Animation did go ahead and said that the claims aren’t true. However, that’s just a strategy to cover up what’s already known to the media now.

I’m pretty sure that Dragon Ball Super is going to return at some point in 2019 and the most likely update for the show is June-July 2019. That’s just my opinion. It probably won’t return before that. If the show doesn’t return in that period of time, then a Fall 2019 release is most likely to happen. Whether it is Summer or Fall, Dragon Ball Super will return with a new series. We may be covering the Broly arc all over again in the anime, so let’s hope that the additional scenes that were skipped in the movie are there in the anime.


Are you excited for the return of Dragon Ball Super? When do you think the anime will return? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Updated on May 2, 2019:
It looks as if the announcement on Dragon Ball Super 2 is imminent now. On May 9, which is also Goku Day, it looks as if Toei is preparing for a big announcement. This announcement was teased first in the Dragon Ball Heroes promo. While it could also be something related to Dragon Ball Heroes, the odd thing is that the announcement sported Naohiro Shintani’s Goku.

This is what makes me think that this announcement is about Dragon Ball Super’s return. As far as the story goes, we think we might get Moro arc first. That’s, of course, just an educated guess. It is possible that Toei will skip past it completely, but there’s no way that we’ll get the Broly movie retelling.

Are you excited for Dragon Ball Super 2’s update? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Updated on May 17, 2019:
As it turns out, the announcement on May 9 was regarding Dragon Ball Heroes, and not Super. Fans have gotten very irritated with any lack of official news regarding Dragon Ball Super’s return, and rightfully so. However, we ask you to be calm and composed. Dragon Ball Super is definitely going to return in July 2019. Multiple sources have already confirmed this to people like AnimeAjay, Geekdom101, and YonkoProd.

There is no need to worry about the return of the show. While the lack of response from Toei is confusing, we’re sure that an announcement is bound to come within the next three weeks at the very least.