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Line of Duty Season 6: Updates and Cast

Line of Duty Season 6

Line of Duty might have finished for a year now, but the fans are restless to know what happened to their favorite characters. With the mystery of H is something that all the fans are curious about, now Lennie James has dropped a massive hint about the upcoming season which is that he will be returning to the series. James’ role in the series hasn’t been much as he was last seen in season one, and he played the character of Tony Gates.

He took his own life to ensure his family got a good payout as he would have been forced to leave his role due to corruption. The fans of the series know that anything can happen in the story and it looks like the sixth season will have a big plot twist which could be that Tony is still alive. During an interview with the Fear, the Walking Dead actor at the BAFTA TV Awards revealed the plot twist. He said, “I shot another series for Jed called Critically, and he said ‘I’ve just written the scene where Tony Gates comes back.’

Line of Duty Poster

“So I was like yes finally, but then he came back, and he was like I’ve just reread it, and it was rubbish so I’m not doing Tony Gates what he does to people so he might do that again but he might not. Who knows?”. If Tony does return to the series, then he will most likely be related to the H mystery.

The end of season five, Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming managed to get their boss, Ted Hastings off the hook. On the same time, they were trying their best to figure out who was and at the end, it was told that H was a number of people. There are four Caddies within the police force who are behind the corruptive and Dot Cottan gave a hint there were four Caddies. Dot, Derek Hilton, and Gill Biggeloe were revealed to be three of the corrupt entities. This means there’s still one out there to find and most likely, the sixth season of Line of Duty will center around the search for the fourth Caddy.