The Walking Dead Season 10 Might Adapt ‘Call to Arms’ And ‘Whisperer War’

Many things occurred in the ninth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead like many jumps, deaths, an introduction to some new villains. Most heartbreaking of all this was Andrew Lincoln’s exit as Rick Grimes. Everything that has happened in 9th season is going to lead up to something more insane. In season 9, the Whisperers were revealed as the new villains of the Walking Dead series. This group is led by a woman called Alpha.

The season 9 teased things that were going to occur in the upcoming season, which is an inevitable conflict between the Whisperers and the people of Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom, and Oceanside. Season 10 will be the last season of the series and critics as well as the fans well received all its seasons. There are many things to look forward to in The Walking Dead season 10. The exact update of the ten seasons of The Walking Dead is yet to be unknown, but it might be coming in October of 2019.

Ever since The Walking Dead made its debut in 2010, it always premiered in October but it unknown whether it will be releasing at the end or at the beginning of October. It would also depend on when Fear the Walking Dead season 5 ends this year. Recent years, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead have aired back-to-back, with one beginning as the previous one ends. As for the story, most of this season will, without a doubt, be about the Whisperer War, which started to take shape with The Walking Dead’s fair.

The comic readers know that the TV show doesn’t strictly adapt the comic book, but it still follows the same path as Robert Kirkman’s stories. So, Season 10 should adapt “Call to Arms” and “Whisperer War” story arcs from the comics, in which the communities prepare for another war and then dive head-first into it. As for the cast, all the major characters should remain on The Walking Dead season 10, but there might be new characters that we will be seeing in this season. Moreover, Cohan is expected to return in The Walking Dead season 10, but perhaps in a smaller role than before.

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