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Pokemon 2019 Episode 28 Preview, and Spoilers

Pokemon 2019

This Sunday we are focusing on Pokemon 2019 Episode 28 preview, and recap. Santoshi and Goo are training Riolu and Barrierd, Riolu uses a flurry of vacuum waves to counter Barrierd who dodges them. Santoshi orders Riolu to use force palm and Buried uses a reflector to block the attack. The training is for preparing the two pokemon for their next battle.

Director Sakuragi came to the training ground and give Santoshi and Goo a present. Santoshi and Goo are happily discovering that the present is the ticket for them to enter the official world championships master class battle. Santoshi is happy that the championship is one of Mr. Dande’s battles and Goo wants to catch more Galar Pokemon.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 28 update

Pokemon 2019 Episode 28 will be released on Sunday, 12 July 2020, at 6:00 PM JST. The new episodes of Pokemon are released every Sunday. Let’s take a look at the recap of the last episode below and the preview of episode 28.

Pokemon 2019

Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 27

Santoshi, Goo, Hibany, Kamonegi, and Pikachu have reached Galar for the official world championships master class battle. The competition is held in Shoot Stadium, Galar Region the championship has over 100000 participants. Among them, only the eight highest-ranked can enter the master class. The eight are referred to as master eight.

Today’s battle is between two great masters’ current rank; 7th Kibana and 1st ranked Dande who never experience a single defeat. Kibana wants to break the record by defeating Dande. The intense battle begins Kibana summon Duraludon and Dande summon his ace Lizardon. They both fight to their fullest strength with more injuries and damages.

Lizardon ends up defeating Duraludon by using dragon claws, dai knuckle, and kyodai hellfire. Santoshi is amazed by Dande’s performance and he yells at him that he will be the one to end his undefeated legend. Santoshi also said that he will beat Dande and become the strongest Pokemon trainer. Mr. Dande replied that he is waiting for him.

The chairman Rose who raised Dande is also in-stadium making a standing ovation for Dande’s victory. After the battle, Santoshi and Goo try to make a pose of Mr. Dande statue. Suddenly they met with a girl called Sonia who told them about the history of a black storm giant pokemon and they must do homework about it.

Later Santoshi and Goo battle with a Kamonegi pokemon spot-billed duck pokemon fighting type from the Galar region. Riolu manages to defeat Kamonegi after a long battle, Santoshi sends Kamonegi to the hospital. After Kamonegi has recovered he asks him to join his group and get stronger since he likes fighting. Kamonegi agrees using the Kamon language.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 28 Preview