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Escape Room

It does not matter how often we watch rom-com movies, documentaries, or science fiction, one genre that can never go out of style is horror-thrillers. Once you get into the plot, no amount of urgency can force you to quit in between. When ‘The Purge’ was released in 2013, we never knew it would grow into a franchise, and now even the fifth installment of the franchise is out in the cinemas. ‘The Purge’ is a semi-dystopian horror-thriller film that features a wealthy family whose members find their lives threatened by a group of murderers during the night of the annual Purge, during which all sorts of crimes are legal in the States, including murder.

If you loved watching the movie and are looking for movies that are intriguing, terrifying, and full of suspense, we are here at your rescue. Here is a list of the top eight such movies which deliver the vibes of ‘The Purge.’

8. The Strangers (2008)

Directed by: Bryan Bertino
Produced by: Doug Davison, Nathan Kahane, Roy Lee
Starring: Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman

The Strangers
The Strangers

The story has loosely been based on two practical events, one from the multiple-homicide Manson family Tate murders and the other from a chain of break-ins occurring in the director’s neighborhood in his childhood days. ‘The Strangers’ is a psychological horror movie that revolves around James Hoyt and Kristen McKay, who, while spending some time at their vacation home, get interrupted by three masked criminals, unrelated to the main characters, who invaded their home. Although the movie received mixed reviews when it premiered, it turned out to be a cult classic in the later years, being one of the scariest home invasion movies. A decade later, in 2018, a sequel of the movie titled ‘The Strangers: Prey at Night was released worldwide.

7. Escape Room (2019)

Directed by: Adam Robitel
Produced by: Neal H. Moritz, Ori Marmur
Starring: Taylor Russell, Deborah Ann Woll, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine, Nik Dodani

Escape Room
Escape Room

The movie ‘Escape Room’ follows six strangers who have been invited to an escape room lured by the chance of winning money. Although they, at first, think that they have been invited to a greatly immersive escape room, soon they discover that they are serving as pawns in the deadly rooms of doom. As they move forward, they confront terrifying scenarios one after the other and look for hints to solve the puzzles. As we get deeper into the story, we come to know that there has been a reason why those strangers have been picked and that revealing their darkest secrets might provide them with the key to survive. You can definitely check it out on Netflix and Prime Video. A sequel of the movie titled ‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ has already been released on July 16, this year.

6. You’re Next (2011)

Directed by: Adam Wingard
Produced by: Keith Calder, Simon Barrett, Jessica Wu, Kim Sherman
Starring: Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, A. J. Bowen, Wendy Glenn, Joe Swanberg, Barbara Crampton

You're Next
You’re Next

The story is about an upper-class family, the Davisons, who are rich yet estranged. Aubrey and Paul Davison think of celebrating their wedding anniversary at their weekend estate and invite all of their four children along with their partners, thinking that it will mend their dysfunctional family. The so-called amazing plan, although it hits off completely fine, soon after that, some animal-masked people attack the Davisons, and in order to confront the situation, they must pull themselves together. The movie is an effective combination of pitch-black humor and brutal gore that will appeal to the spectators who love horror comedies. The movie is extremely well-executed and is funny and tense, instead of being hilarious and terrifying. You can watch it online on Netflix and Prime Video.

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5. Us (2019)

Directed by: Jordan Peele
Produced by: Jason Blum, Sean McKittrick, Ian Cooper, Jordan Peele
Starring: Lupita Nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss, Winston Duke, Tim Heidecker


Featuring some of the scariest scenes that force the audience to sit on the edge of their seats, the movie follows the Wilson family who goes on a trip to Santa Cruz in California in order to get away from their busy schedule. While going back to their vacation home from the beach, they find a group of four people at the end of the driveway. When Gabe, the father, goes to check them, assuming they are harmless, they discover that they aren’t any strangers but a group of menacing doppelgängers. The family needs to confront the situation together in order to save themselves. The movie is full of multiple twists and turns, especially the plot twist at the end that serves as the cherry on a cake. The movie is available to watch on Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube.

4. Hush (2016)

Directed by: Mike Flanagan
Produced by: Trevor Macy, Jason Blum
Starring: Michael Trucco, John Gallagher Jr., Kate Siegel


The story is about Maddie Young, a deaf and mute writer who relocates into the woods with her pet cat to live an isolated and simpler life, away from all the chaos and danger. However, little did she know that the place is full of dangers as well. When Maddie’s friend, Sarah, visits her one day, she gets chased by a masked man, who follows her to Maddie’s house before killing her off, and decides to set Maddie as his next target. However, Maddie realises someone’s presence around her, and in order to save herself, she must fight for her life. ‘Hush’ is a different approach to horror movies that delivers a sense of suspense and terror, giving us a dreadful watching experience. The antagonist in this movie is considered one of the most memorable stand-alone villains in a horror movie. Go and check it out on Netflix, Prime Video, or any other platform of your choice.

3. Panic Room (2002)

Directed by: David Fincher
Produced by: Gavin Polone, David Koepp, Judy Hofflund, Ceán Chaffin
Starring: Forest Whitaker, Jodie Foster, Dwight Yoakam Kristen Stewart, Jared Leto

Panic Room
Panic Room

‘Panic Room’ revolves around a recently divorced woman named Meg Altman and her daughter Sarah who moves to a new place in New York. While looking around at their house for the first time, they come across a panic room that is not only indestructible but also impossible to break into. Soon after they find themselves settled, three burglars invade the place, who seemingly know the entire layout of the mansion, in need of something which is inside the panic room. Meg should do everything in her reach to keep herself as well as her asthmatic daughter safe. The movie has been praised well due to its portrayal of feminism and childhood, the two elements of sweetness and surveillance, along with the thematic approach to mortality. You can watch it on several platforms, including Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and Prime Video.

2. Don’t Breathe (2016)

Directed by: Fede Álvarez
Produced by: Fede Álvarez, Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi
Starring: Jane Levy, Daniel Zovatto, Dylan Minnette, Stephen Lang

Don't Breathe
Don’t Breathe

The movie very cleverly helps us reminisce the situation of being present at the wrong place, that too at the wrong time. The storyline follows a group of three thieves who breaks into a blind man’s house to accumulate his wealth, assuming him to be a weak fellow. However, when the man senses the presence of some intruders at his house, he vows to do anything to get rid of them and teach them some lessons of life. Their plan backfires as they learn about a shocking truth. They get stuck in the house and must find their way back. The movie is satisfyingly tense and one of the most chilling home invasion projects. A sequel titled ‘Don’t Breathe 2’ is up for release on August 13, 2021. You can check it out on Netflix, Prime Video, and Vudu.

1. Children Of Men (2006)

Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón
Produced by: Alfonso Cuarón, Tony Smith, Iain Smith, Marc Abraham, Thomas Bliss, Eric Newman
Starring: Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Charlie Hunnam, Chiwetel Ejiofor

Children of Men
Children of Men

‘Children Of Men’ is a Sci-fi action- a thriller which has been set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2027, two decades after humans have lost their ability to reproduce, alternatively suggesting that humanity is going to extinct soon. Since Britain has ended up being the only inhabited area on the entire planet, asylum seekers seek solace in the country so that they can be detented or refouled by the government. Everyone other than the natives of London is considered immigrant and is sent to refugee camps. A civil servant named Theo Faron determines to help an immigrant named Kee with a baby to escape the chaos and get to an oceanside sanctuary in order to save humanity. The movie tells the tale of compassion and focuses on the will to live, recording one of the best performances by Moore. The movie is available for stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and Vudu.

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