Love Island First Look: Jordan Confesses To Liking India, Anna Confronts Him

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The Love Island Final is about to hit our screens, and at the current play rate, I don’t think there are any couples in the game to win the £50k prize.

The current relationship of Anton and Belle is hanging by a thread, this was after the shell shocking revelations made it to the screens, at the same time Chris and Harley are at loggerheads with each other. The Mancunian model will also split with the lover, therefore Anna and Jordan are almost down with each other. And did you hear Jordan is so keen on moving to India after he confessed his feelings to Curtis?

When Jordan was questioned if anything was wrong with Anna, he said there is nothing wrong with her. He does think that she can be hot-headed but he knew that anyway. So he shouldn’t be thinking about it now. Jordan made his thoughts public in The Beach But saying that since India has come into the villa, both of them get along really well. India is a good-looking girl, and it is definitely something that he’s going to process in his head and decide what to do in due course of time.

Anna Jordan and India
Love Island Final: Anna and Jordan

Anna is no fool, she has sensed that things aren’t okay between herself and Jordan, she did try to ask him what the matter was, to which Jordan replied that they don’t have as much fun. She chose to confront Jordan when he was in the middle of a cozy conversation with India.

Anna stormed the place by shouting at Jordan that he just asked her out, but does like India. She called Jordan a f****** idiot. I think this is it for Jordan and Anna.

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV 2.

Categorized as Mixed News

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