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Kim Min Gwi To Have Less Screen Time On ‘Nevertheless’ after Cheating Scandal; JTBC Confirms

Kim Min Gwi Nevertheless
JTBC to reduce screen time for Kim Min Gwi after cheating scandal

Kingdom actor Kim Min Gwi has been getting backlash after his cheating scandal broke out. His wrongdoings are costing the actor too much, especially now, after JTBC has decided to shorten his screen time on Nevertheless. Kim Min Gwi is currently starring in JYBC and Netflix’s ongoing drama Nevertheless. However, his casting is now in immense danger. A few days ago, his ex-girlfriend shared that the actor cheated on her during their six-year relationship. Moreover, she shared that Min Gwi violated COVID-19 guidelines to cheat on her. The news enraged many, and it is now creating a negative impact on his career.

On July 28, JTBC shared a statement to reduce Kim Min Gwi’s screentime from episode 8 that will air on August 7. The actor plays Nam Gyu Hyun, a supporting character in the series. After the reduction, the audience might see him rarely in the drama. Moreover, some are afraid that JTBC might end up removing him from Nevertheless. 

Kim Min Gwi’s Screentime Reduced in Nevertheless; JTBC Confirms

In their latest statement regarding Nevertheless, JTBC confirmed that Kim Min Gwi would have less screen time in the show after episode 7. The network said that they would edit his part as much as possible.

Kim Min Gwi Nevertheless

cr: JTBC

Earlier, someone claimed that the actor cheated on their six-year relationship. In return to the news, his agency Big Picture Entertainment shred how the actor feels remorse because of his wrongdoings. Although he has indirectly confirmed the cheating accusation, he denied violating the COVID-19 guidelines.

Kim Min Gwi has released an apology letter immediately after the who issue surfaced online. While some fans are in support of the actor, many netizens are filling his comment section with negative comments. We hope the matter resolves in person, and after Min-Gwi’s personal apology, his work front doesn’t deteriorate.

His fans would like to see more of him. But, for now, they have to manage with his short parts in Nevertheless.

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