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Train Episode 7 update and Streaming Details


This upcoming Saturday of the first months we have a new update of this Asian drama. Let’s see what this drama has to offer for us. Seo Kyung dies at the hands of the Mukyeong Serial Killer. Do Won find out that this is the same culprit from the murder case that happened 12 years ago.? Do Won tries to get deep and investigates this mystery case and the tables keeps on turning for him.

The case became more difficult for him as there are many different secrets hidden. The moment when he is getting deeper into sorrow over losing Seo Kyung, Do Won sees someone at Mukyeong Station. Do Won arrives in another world called world B and meets with Seo Kyung from the future. The other Do-won is assumed to be on the run after he is named as a prime suspect of the murder of a drug broker. He became confused about who the real culprit is between those two Do-Won.

This Saturday’s post is about Train Episode 7 update and streaming details. This drama Train is also known by its alternative name as ”Teurein”. Let’s Take a look at what more updates do Teurein has for us below.



Suddenly he met with someone who he is not expecting to be in a same world with. He is shocked to see that person. The Seo Kyung of world B transfers to Mukyeong Police Station. Do-Won of world A starts his search for the victims of his last case before he went to world B where there is Mukyeong Station Serial Murder. A missing person case is now at Mukyeong Police Station.

Do Won bums into an unexpected person while to catch an important suspect.  Jin Woo is the culprit in world B, and Do Won tries to find out what has happened in the world B. Seo Kyung show to have a bad past in world B. Do Won tries to console Seo Kyung, but she doesn’t want Do Won to get closer.  Do-Won did not stop Jin Woo in World B from continuing to do his crimes.

Train Episode 7 update and Streaming Details

Train Episode 7 will be released on Saturday, 4 Agust 2020, at 22;30 Korean Standard Time. This drama, Train will release its new episode on Saturday and Sunday only in Korean local Tv channel OCN. The episode takes time to be uploaded for viewers who are not around South Korea. Check the streaming details below.

You can stream Train on Rakuten Viki and Dramacool with English subtitles the episodes will be uploaded the moment they finished broadcasted. This drama only releases its latest episode on Saturday and Sunday. We will always keep you updated about Asian drama.

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