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Simon Pegg Would Like To Star With BTS Jin In Squid Game

Simon Pegg in Squid GAme with BTS JIn
Simon Pegg wishes to star with BTS Jin in a K-drama

Actor, writer, and comedian Simon Pegg has shown his interest in working with BTS Jin in the new Netflix hit Squid Game. We all are already obsessed with the idea of BTS’s Jin working in a drama or movie. And now, another person has joined the list. The Hollywood actor has previously praised BTS. Moreover, he has expressed many times that he is a fan. And during his recent online interaction with fans, he made sure to tell that again. The star also posted a picture with the infamous  ‘Squid Game’ doll after his Q/A.

Simon Pegg is an English actor famous for his roles in The World’s End, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and many others. Besides being a successful actor, he is also a producer, writer, and comedian. He rose to fame in the UK after co-creating Spaced. Later on, he earned popularity for writing and starring in the film trilogies –  Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

Now wonder how it would look if Simon Pegg and BTS Jin pairing up for Squid Game?

Simon Pegg Wishes To Star with BTS Jin in Squid Game

On September 26, Simon Pegg had a live interaction with his fans. While chit-chatting with them, he agreed to a fan that Pegg and BTS Jin should star in a K-drama together. He also shared that he will be watching the new BTS and Coldplay “My Universe” documentary with his daughter, Tilly. Moreover, he told his fans that he and his daughter wants to meet BTS. Apart from all his answers, the picture of Pegg standing next to a Jin cutout board has impressed the fans most.

Simon Pegg in Squid GAme with BTS JIn

via: Netflix Korea’s IG account

It will be incredible to see actor Jin in action. Also, it could be a possibility too. BTS’s eldest member, Jin, is a professional graduated actor famous for his handsome looks besides being a talented vocalist. Hence, we might get to see BTS Jin and Simon Pegg together.

In the meantime, watch Squid Game here. The mystery thriller is said to be Netflix’s best Korean drama. So, don’t miss out on the life-threatening games.

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