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Guraburu! Episode 3 Preview


After defeating all the monsters in the forest the crew went back to their airship. Vry is happily enjoying her mean and he turns into a ball. He played soccer alone and hits the post then he call it day. Later Vryn goes on to a score a first-half hat-trick and Jeanne Arc received an invitation. Jeanne opens the letter while complaining about those who are showing off their Vyrn collection and talking about their love for him.

After Jeanne read the letter she decides to go where she is invited. She thinks that Vryn is great and the show begins. They show the life-size wooden replica of Vryn and Vryn lovers anonymous member no.1 said that it is inaccurate. She shows them that the horns at the head of the replica are put in the wrong place. The other guy apologized and she told him she forgives him telling him it is a fine replica. Vryn lovers anonymous member no.1 told them to allow her to show her item.

Guraburu! Episode 3 a Recap

Guraburu! Episode 3 will be released on Thursday, 22 October 2020, at 9:54 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Thursday note that this post may contain the spoiler of upcoming episode watch out for them when you proceed. Let’s take a look at the recap and preview of the upcoming episode below.




Previously on Guraburu! Episode 2

She showed them a Vyrn-scented gauntlet with is an impressive piece. Rackham came and ask Katalina what she is doing and she replied that she is just making a Vryn doll. She finished and is impressed by the way the doll looks like. He also notices that the doll looks exactly the same as Vryn and the size is also the same as him.  They played with the doll trying to make it act like a real Vryn.

Rackham said that he will pretend like he didn’t see anything. At the waterfall training, Hallessena met with men and women training. She asked what is happening and Katalina appears and reveals that they are training while thinking about master Vryn. Katalina asks if Hallessna want to join them and she replied yes. Vryn lovers no.2 anonymous notice that the trainers are scared of cold water. He told them that they still got more to learn and told them to look at how no. 1 is doing next to them.

Katalina and Hallessna are surprised to see her smiling in cold water. Vryn no. 1 anonymous is smiling thinking about Vryn playing and eating apples. Hallessna said that no. 1 is crazy to the max since he has more memories about Vryn. They both continue with their training and Vryn lovers no. 1 is showing them why she is the number one lover.

Guraburu! Episode 3 Preview

Today we end it here with those latest updates for this week. Next week we will be coming back with new updates of the upcoming episode after the release of episode3. Watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll.