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Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 208 News

Kaguya Sama Love is War

Miyuki is preparing his room since Kaguya is going to visit him tomorrow in the afternoon. His room is messed up with many posters on the wall and it is late at night he still has not done a thing. Miyuki wants to sleep since he has so much work to do and he is tired. He decides that he will call a real estate company to help him with moving things out. On the internet, he finds that there is a rental truck and he thinks he can get one. He finds a cheap option to choose from while he is still deciding he fell asleep.

His sister Kei came asking him if he is still asleep and it is 2 o’clock he hasn’t done anything. Miyuki keeps on enjoying sleeping while snoring and Keis is wondering what kind of president is this and she is afraid for Shuchini with Miyuki as a president. Kei is glad that everything will be alright since Kaguya is there while she is standing near the door she saw a bid from another agent. Kei started wondering if they are going to move during the spring break. Later she heard a knock on the door and she heads there.

Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 208 Recap

Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 208 will be released on Thursday, 12 November 2020. Note this manga sometimes take a break from releasing its chapters. Love is War releases a new chapter on Thursdays. Let’s move to the latest recap and way to read this Manga below. Let’s take a look below.

Kaguya Sama Love is War

Kaguya Sama Love is War

Previously on Kaguya Sama Love is War Chapter 207

Kei opens the door is found that it is Kaguya and she closes the door saying that maybe it is in her eyes. She thinks that she can’t mistake the agent for Kaguya. Since she is not aware that Kaguya is going to come, she thinks that there is no way her favorite friend has just visited their home. Kei opens the door again and finds that it is for real Kaguya is here. She quickly rushes to Miyuki’s room and tries to wake him up.

Kei shakes Miyuki’s head who is in deep slumber talking to himself since he can’t wake up she decided to clean his room quickly. She then dresses up quickly and went back to welcome Kaguya. When she is with her she apologizes for keeping her waiting. Kaguya shows her the stuff she has bought for her and Kei thanks her while being embarrassed that the house is dirty.

She is worried that Miyuki didn’t tell her that Kaguya is coming she would have cleaned the house. Kaguya started asking about the Miyuki’s whereabout. Ever since Kei gets to know that Kaguya and Miyuki are dating she is excited that there is a possibility that her idol will become her sister after they are married. Kei lied that Miyuki is not home now trying to cover up for her brother. Kei wanted to confirm if it is true that they are dating and she asks Kaguya.

Kaguya replies that it is true and Kei started to ask if she sees him as a man or romantic partner. Kaguya replies yes saying that she likes him as a man and she asking Kei to stop talking about romantic stuff since it is embarrassing. Later Miyuki wakes up and came to the kitchen he then went back to his room. Kaguya follows him and he told her to go back since he is thinking about cleaning the room. Kaguya is shocked to see Miyuki’s room in a messed up condition. Miyuki told her that he can explain it is not what she is thinking.

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