Lois Lane Comes Out As A ‘Tween And The Colorful New Hero Primer As Revealed by DC

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DC has launched the first looks if two upcoming graphic novels. Lois Lane and the friendship challenge, written by Lumberjanes, Grace Ellis, and artist Brittney Williams depicts Lois Lane as a 13-year-old as an online expert cruising through the complex world of friendship and social media.

The plot

DC describes the new hero saying, Ashley Rayburn is an upbeat girl with a gloomy past. His father had sacrificed a life, trying to save himself and now is in prison. Ashley has changed many foster homes and possesses a challenge to the social workers who want to help her. In the latest foster home, her parents are Kitch and Yuka Nolan. One is an artist, and the other works in a high-level tech company that is connected to the government and military. The latest project of Yuka is top-secret and is about a set of body paints. The paint when wore gives special powers. To prevent the tech from falling in the wrong hands, she keeps them at home and keeps a dummy suitcase at the workplace.

One day, Ashley comes home from school with friend Luke and out of curiosity, finds out the set of paints. She thinks they belong to her, and soon realizes its something far dangerous that she thought. After using the paint, she gets the powers. Soon the military becomes aware of what happened to their secret weapon. This puts Ashley at risk, along with her family and friends.

The show features Ashley as she uses her newly found powers. She uses it for the good and well-being of people; however, once the military becomes aware of how she got her powers, they become determined to take action to get back their secret weapon. This definitely brings lots of trouble for Ashley and the ones around her. We would have to check out the show to see how she deals with it.

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