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No More Crossovers Between The Big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon

No More Crossovers Between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is making its final run and fans were hoping that they would have some crossovers between the show and its prequel Young Sheldon. Numerous rumors were flying, but none of them were official. And now we see the final season of The Big Bang Theory, and still, there has been only one crossover between both the shows, even after the midseason finale of the final season is over.

No More Crossovers Between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory

But now it seems that the showrunners do not want to upset the audience as they have already done a crossover between the shows. However, showrunners have confirmed that there will not be anything more than that. Fans were initially disappointed but one is better than nothing for sure, but fans were expecting more.

The decision seems to be the right one because there are too many differences between the shows and bringing them together is not easy, and that might also rip off the continuity. Additionally, both the shows are having different audiences, and that is why they want to keep them both straight!

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