‘NASA’ Finally Replied To Marvel Fans About Helping Tony Stark

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NASA Finally Replied To Marvel Fans About Helping Tony Stark

Fans were constantly waiting for the trailer of Marvels’ Avengers series’ next movie, and the waiting ended when the trailer was finally dropped last Friday. It was viral instantaneously, and fans analyzed every single corner of the trailer, possibly even each frame of the teaser.

As we know, Tony Stark is the most followed character of all the Marvel fans, and watching him helpless must have saddened them. So, fans tried possibly everything they could, and it even consisted asking help from NASA using Twitter from a lot of fans.

NASA never responds to anything related to films, but I think the number of users tagging the organization would have caused them to reply. However, it was least expected that they would have a reply full of humor.

Noticeably, government-run bodies never consider replying to any film-related questions, but they must have understood the Marvel trend, and I think that is why they could not stop themselves but answer in a way which must have increased the respect for NASA amongst the fans. This is what they replied,

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