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2022 BMW i4 Specs Revealed Officially Featuring 523 HP And 373-Mile Range

BMW has released the specifications of a future vehicle that is under development right now. We would not get to see a glimpse of the car until 2021. However, the specs released tells us about some of the secrets that will come with the car. There will be an electric motor with the capacity to generate 523 horsepower or 390 kilowatts. This can be compared with a traditional model in the automaker’s lineup packed with a V8.


The car will also come along with a powerful battery having an 80 kWh capacity. The range of the battery will be 600 kilometers approximately. BMW has not talked about the test cycles used to come to the results; however, evidently, it is based on WLTP. The BMW i4 can be regarded as a variant of 4 Series Gran Coupe. The company said that the first i-branded car would reach from 0 to 100 km/h in for seconds. The top speed of the car is going to be 200 km/h, which will definitely satisfy the consumers because it is more than they will ever need.

The i4 will be making use of the automaker’s fifth-generation eDrive hardware that is going to get releases for the first time on the iX3 crossover. It will have electric motor transmission and power electronics all in a single house. The battery will be 550 kg and will take around 35 minutes to charge it up to 80%. It is going to consume 6 minutes of charging for every 100 km.

The electrification technology BMW is working on can be seen in iX3, i4, and iNext. Their goal is to have 25 models with electrified powertrain by 2025. With the new introduction of this technology, people are desperate to know the specs and details of the car further.