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All American Season 2 Episode 9: Preview, Streaming, and Spoilers

All American Season 2 Episode 9

All American has shown us what we did not expect ever, as Spencer has decided to leave football. Like the person who was crazy after winning in football and working hard to prove himself in the game has decided to leave the game. But then comes the twist, which we will be discussing in the article. So, we are going to discuss All American season 2 episode 9 preview, streaming details, and spoilers.

What Happened Previously?

So far, we have only seen Spencer working hard to prove himself a good player of football. However, after winning championship ring which his father always wanted, he decided that he does not want to continue in the field anymore. Now, that means he was grinding only to pay homage to his father and had no passion about it, or he just wants to focus on something else in his life.

Nonetheless, we will have to accept for now that he has left football for good. Now, we might see more of his other interests in his life, and it would not be the sports drama with his teammates anymore. However, it does not necessarily mean that he would not be back to the sport, as he can be back whenever he feels like.

When Will All American Season 2 Episode 9 Release?

The show is into its winter break of roughly a month and a half. Which means, we would not be able to see Spencer back for a month from now. The ninth episode is scheduled to release on 20 January 2020. The upcoming episode is titled ‘One of Them Nights.’

Where Can You Watch/Stream The Show?

The show can be watched on the CW channel at 8 PM on Mondays, if you are around your television set. Otherwise, viewers can also stream the show on the CW app or website by providing TV subscription details to log in. Furthermore, several other options like Hulu, Roku, and DirecTV Now can also help you stream The CW to watch the show at the mentioned time.

Preview of All American Season 2 Episode 9: