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Sett: New Champion of League of Legends and Everything We Know

Sett : New Champion of League of Legends, Everything We Know

Sett is going to be the 148th champion of the League of Legends, so it makes fans curious to know about his abilities, update, and so on. We are getting to see more teasers day by day. A reveal was made on PBE, back in November.

Who is Sett?

Sett is the leader of Lonia’s growing criminal underworld and is himself also a Lonian fighter. He is a Vastayan who was outcasted from his family and finally settled down in the depths of Lonia. His father has had a great legacy, which ensured his protection in his childhood, and now he fights for him.

He had made a name for himself by fighting his way to the top and now looks forward to defending his name. He has just begun as a challenger but due to his immense strength and abilities. His capabilities to take in so much punishment is also amazing.

What’s special about Sett?

Sett’s abilities were released on the 12th of December. His auto-attacks are going to be an alternative between the left punch and right punch. Left Punch is going to be his normal attack, whereas the right punch will be faster and will give bonus damage.

He has the ability to store 100% of the damage to the cap of 300, which will power up with Haymaker. He can manage to damage his enemies truly and gain a shield.

The update

The update for Sett is going to be 14 of January 2020. However, it is only a rumor right now. Players will be able to collect Sett’s calling card from the date by impressing Sett. Fans are really excited to meet this new character with such an interesting history.