Marvel Probably Has Added A Young Avenger To The Falcon And Winter Soldier ! New Superhero Joins The Cast Of The Marvels Web-Series

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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - The Show's End Might Introduce The New Captain America

So where can we even start? It feels like Marvel is not sparing anything behind after the year 2020 that saw them releasing no new content for their beloved fans. The fans surely missed having two or three Marvel movies every year and 2020, along with many other productions that saw delays and cancelation; Marvel has decided to pay back the fans and make 2021 a prominent year for Marvel Cinematic Universe already. With Wanda Vision, the first release as Disney Plus release which is hyping up every day with new detail in the air, the same is getting followed from another upcoming series “Falcon and Winter Soldier” which is firing up the internet with the rumor that a Young Avenger is set to be a part of the cast lined-up for Marvel’s Disney Plus series.

Falcon And Winter Soldier will be arriving on Disney Plus as a follow up for the titular characters after Avengers’ events: Endgame. The Dinsey Plus web series will see Falcon transitioning to pick up the mantle of Captain America. At the same time, he is joined by the Winter Soldier, also known as Bucky Barnes, as they fight off the new threats and a returning Baren Zemo. Captain America’s legacy characters, including the likes of the U.S. Agent introduced by Wyatt Russell and Flag smashers, are all gonna be debuting in the upcoming Disney Plus series of Falcon And Winter Soldier.

So, now according to the IMDb page of the cast of the upcoming Disney Plus series, it’s been rumored that Eli Bradely, who is popularly known as the young superhero The Patriot in the comics, is set to make his appearance in the upcoming Marvel web series. Here we discuss everything about the Falcon and Wintersoldier rumor that has been up in the air on the Internet.

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Young Avenger Who Is Rumored To Be Part Of Falcon And Winter Soldier

Marvel Probably Has Added A Young Avenger To The Falcon  And Winter Soldier

According to a report by Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse on Twitter,  Elijah Richardson is set to join the cast of Falcon and Winter Soldier, portraying Eli Bradley’s character for two important episodes. Even Richardson’s IMDb page suggests that the actor is part of the series. Even though IMDb pages can be edited by anyone on the internet anonymously, Charles Murphy, through his tweet, has firmly suggested that the rumor can be 100% legit since there have been a lot of talks of the Bradley family being a prominent part of the series back in December of 2019. You can refer to Charles Murphy’s tweet below.

Elijah Richardson’s casting as Eli Bradley makes us more intrigued about what we can expect from the upcoming show and how it is sowing seeds for the Marvel Cinematic Universe future. But before we discuss more on that topic, let’s take a look at who Eli Bradley is.

Who is Eli Bradley, a.k.a The Patriot?

Marvel Probably Has Added A Young Avenger To The Falcon  And Winter Soldier

To people who might not know, Eli Bradley is one of the members and the leader of a Junior team of The Avengers called Young Avengers, which was comprised of other young blooded superheroes, including the likes of Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang. These two characters are already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eli Bradley was introduced in the first issue of Young Avengers as the grandson of Isiah Bradley, a former Captain America, who served with the super-soldier serum way before Steve Rogers was injected with it.

Iron Lad had recruited Eli to battle Kang the Conqueror. To pay homage to his grandfather, Eli picked The Patriot’s mantle and used the Mutant Growth Hormones, and lied to his mates about his abilities. Eli gained his grandfather’s abilities when he was injured during a battle and had to go through a blood transfusion to be saved. The blood was received from his grandfather himself, thus giving Eli the super-soldier abilities.

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What To Expect From Eli Bradley? And More Theories

For people who might know, Isiah Bradley’s character has already been cast for Falcon And Winter Soldier and will be played by Carl Lumbly. We have also heard Falcon talking in the first look of the series where he quoted that the legacy of Captain America’s shield is complicated itself and a lot dirtier.

Many controversial stories are revolving around Isiah Bradley’s character in the comics, who is gonna be a prominent part of the series, so Eli’s appearance is inevitable, and we might see him following his family legacy in the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking of controversy, even Eli in comics first lied to his Young Avengers teammates about his superhuman abilities when he was using the Mutant Growth Hormones. So there is a lot to this character to explore for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the coming Falcon And Winter Soldier series along with the humongous Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to some photos from the set, the series has also been shot in Madripoor, which according to the comics, is associated with several mutants. The Ogun symbol associated with Wolverine’s Antagonist popped up in a leaked photo from the sets appearing on the back of a Biker gang member. Its also been speculated that the upcoming Marvel’s Wanda Vision, which will be arriving on 15 January 2021 on Disney Plus, is set to explore the mutant X gene for the first time in MCU, and Falcon And Winter Soldier dropping hints for it is thus inevitable. So the mutants might be finally arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe one way or another, and Eli Bradley, who occasionally used the Mutant Growth Hormone in the comics, could be the prime hint for it.

Marvel Probably Has Added A Young Avenger To The Falcon  And Winter Soldier

On the other hand, Eli Bradley’s arrival also gives a major nod that Young Avengers is a possible stable that could be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Kate Bishop as played by Hailee Steinfeld for Hawkeye, Kathryn Newton joining in as Cassi Lang for the Ant-man movie series, Xochtil Gomez joining in Doctor Strange as America Chavez, and finally the rumored appearance of Speed in Wanda Vision is important dots that may connect to the future where Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading.

So as for now, Wanda Vision is the first series and project coming out of Marvel Studios in the year 2021 through Disney Plus on the 15th of January 2021, while Falcon And Winter Soldier is set to arrive on March 19th, 2021. For more updates on Marvel’s upcoming projects, including movies like Black Widow, Spider-man 3, Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, and Series like Loki, What if, and many more, stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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