We Can Be Heroes Sequel Is Coming ! Robert Rodriguez Announces That The Sequel To Superkids Movie Is In Development!

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We Can Be Heroes Sequel Is Coming ! Robert Rodriguez Announces That The Sequel To Superkids Movie Is In Development!

In the time of cinema where superhero movies and cinematic universes rule, it’s evident for all the movie-producing companies and directors to give a shot at least once to make most of this new age. The same suit is banked on by the director of Spy Kids and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl, Robert Rodriguez, who was heavily known for these superhero movies for kids in the 2000s. Recently following the dawn of the superheroes franchise in the cinema, Robert Rodriguez marked his return to this genre by bringing up a spin-off to his 2005’s The Adventures Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. The title produced by Netflix called “We Can Be Heroes” brought a brand new family-friendly superhero entertainment to the OTT Platforms from the Spy Kids director, marking his return to the genre.

We Can Be Heroes is the brand new 2020 Netflix original superhero movie where alien invaders capture all the superheroes from around the earth, now leaving their kids with their own super abilities to team up and rescues their parents. The movie saw the return of Rodriguez’s classic characters Sharkboy and Lavagirl while also introducing Pedro Pascal’s character, starring as the central hero among all superheroes and seeing his daughter leading the super kids to rescue their parents.

We Can Be Heroes received a favorably mixed response and a good enough audience, which has led the OTT giant Netflix to announce a sequel coming in for the kids-centered superhero movie. If you might not know about the movie or its sequel, here we provide all the details you need to know.

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The News About We Can Be Heroes Sequel

The sequel for We Can Be Heroes was officially announced by Robert Rodriguez himself through his Twitter Handle on the 5th of January 2021, where he confirmed that the movie is in full development since Netflix announced that 44 million families tuned up to watch We Can Be Heroes in the first four weeks. There is no plot, or further details yet, which we will get to you as soon as it comes but until then, continue reading to know what we can expect from the future of We Can Be Heroes and all the details about the kids centered superhero movie.

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What To Expect?

Robert Rodriguez, who recently was also known for working on Alita Battle Angel and The Mandalorian, is now also working as a producer on a spin-off of the later series titled “The Book Of Boba Fett.” It’s also been said that Robert Rodriguez is set to direct a few episodes of The Mandalorian spin-off, and as we know the show is already in the works and coming in late 2021, we can say that the director has enough time for the We Can Be Heroes Sequel.

We Can Be Heroes Sequel Is Coming ! Robert Rodriguez Announces That The Sequel To Superkids Movie Is In Development!

We are not sure if Netflix is really eager to bank on a sequel for We Can Be Heroes, but with a director like Robert Rodriguez, who is known for big franchises that include kids, we say it’s inevitable. Spy Kids being the prime example, though, we are not sure if We Can Be Heroes as a franchise could live up to the 2000s amazing movie series after the average and mixed reviews from the audience. Also note, in today’s cinema where franchise and movie universes thrive, Robert Rodriguez might come up with his own universe featuring the Spy Kids, The Adventures Of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and all the superheroes showcased in the Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes. There is a lot we could look for.

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More About We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes follows the story of the kids of the superheroes dubbed as Heroics who are kidnapped by Alien Invaders, thus leaving the kids to go on an adventure to rescue their parents. Missy Moreno, played by YaYa Gosselin, who is the daughter of Marcus Moreno, a retired superhero played by Pedro Pascal, meets her new superhero friends, including the intelligent Wheels, the stretchable Noodles, the unstable Wild Card, the time altering Rewind and Fast Forward, and many more. When the alien invaders capture the heroics, Missy and her team of super kids train under her grandmother, a trainer of heroics, to rescue their parents from the alien invaders once and for all.

We Can Be Heroes Sequel Is Coming ! Robert Rodriguez Announces That The Sequel To Superkids Movie Is In Development!

The main cast of We Can Be Heroes sees YaYa Gosselin as Missy Moreno, Lyon Daniels as Noodles, Andy Walken as Wheels, Lotus Blossom as A Capella, Dylan Henry Lau as Slo-Mo, Andrew Diaz as Facemaker, Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Rewind, Akira Akbar as Fast Forward, Nathan Blair as Wild Card and Vivien Blair Guppy.

The movie is written, directed, and produced by Robert Rodriguez, known for the Spy Kids movie series and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Robert Rodriguez produced his movie through Troublemaker Studios for Netflix and released the movie on the 25th of December of 2020 and met with average to mixed reviews. The movie is available to stream on Netflix.

There is no specific information or update on the sequel of We Can Be Heroes apart from its development; we will keep providing you updates, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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