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Pixie New Trailer: Olivia Cooke Starring In A New Crime Drama

Pixie New Trailer: Olivia Cooke Starring In A New Crime Drama

A new official trailer for “Pixie,” a brand new British comedy-drama, has arrived starring Olivia Cooke along with an ensemble cast which includes the likes of East Enders’ Ben Hardy, Peaky Blinder’s Daryl McCormack, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Colm Meaney, and legendary Alec Baldwin. The last we saw Olivia Cooke was in the critically acclaimed “Sound Of Metal,” starring alongside Riz Ahmed, which won several accolades, including being named one of the ten best films of 2020 by the American Film Institute and by the National Board of Review. After the emotional rollercoaster ride of “Sound Of Metal,” “Pixie” will be a complete comedic turn for the actor who is also bringing the veteran  Alec Baldwin into the frame.

In Pixie, Cooke will be seen playing the role of a young woman who keeps a lot of ties with the criminal words to avenge the death of her mother, and to do so; she plans a full-fledged heist that goes all the way around when criminals played by Ben Hardy and Daryl McCormack get involved in along with a religion-influenced gang led by Alec Baldwin as an Irish priest. Directed by Barnaby Thompson, here we are breaking down the trailer for “Pixie” and everything you need to know.

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Pixie – Official Trailer

The new official trailer for “Pixie” starts with Olivia Cooke’s Pixie O’Brien starring off at her mother’s grave and determining to take revenge for whomsoever did this to her mother. The next moment we see the trailer introducing us to Ben Hardy’s duo as Frank and Daryl McCormack as Harland, two criminals who have a body in their car deck and looking to skip town. Pixie asks them to join her on a mission to execute a heist, and soon they are chased by Pixie’s step-father’s enemies, basically an Irish Priest, in context a deadly gangster Irish priest father Hector McGrath played by Alec Baldwin himself with his religion-influenced gang.

In the rest of the trailer, we see many funny set action sequences induced by funny liners from the actors that complete the comedy-drama genre altogether fit-in with a little action it. We also see a little romancing between Pixie and Frank, which might be one of the minor plots and the movie, but there are some issues between the duo on whether they will benefit by teaming up with her. Anyway, the new trailer overall focuses on a light-hearted vibe with actually funny action sequences here and there and sums up to be a good lazy watch for the audience.

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The Official Synopsis Breakdown For “Pixie”

Pixie New Trailer: Olivia Cooke Starring In A New Crime Drama

Screenshot From “Pixie” New Trailer

The Official Synopsis for “Pixie” quotes that Olivia Cooke and Alec Baldwin star in a new action-packed comedy crime story set in Ireland. On the verge of avenging her mother, Pixie decided to attempt a full-fledged heist that will give her a reason to leave the town forever. As the plans go south, she is forced to team-up with a duo of misfits who are over their heads. The trio is on the run from an organized religion-influenced gang of criminal nuns led by Father McGrath. The trio will go ways to swindle anyone who tries to come in their way.

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The Cast Of “Pixie”

Pixie New Trailer: Olivia Cooke Starring In A New Crime Drama

Screenshot From “Pixie” New Trailer

The cast of “Pixie” includes an ensemble team which as mentioned above, starts with Olivia Cooke in the titular role of Pixie O’Brien, Ben Hardy as Frank and Daryl McCormack as Harland, two newies as criminals along with Chris Walley as Daniel, Colm Meaney as Pixie’s step-father Dermot O’Brien and Alec Baldwin as Father Hector McGrath, an Irish Gangstar Priest. The rest of the supporting cast includes Turlough Convery as Mickey, Dylan Moran as Potential Buyer, Olivia Byrne as Summer O’Brien, Sebastian de Souza as Gareth, and Ned Dennehy as Seamus.

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Release Date & More On “Pixie”

Pixie New Trailer: Olivia Cooke Starring In A New Crime Drama

Screenshot From “Pixie” New Trailer

Pixie has officially released only in the UK on 23 October 2020 but will now see an international release in select theaters, digital, and on-demand on the 5th of March, 2021. Pixie is directed by Barnaby Thompson, while Preston Thompson has carried out the writing duties. James Clayton produces the movie and Barnaby Thompson under Fragile Films, Ingenious Media, Northern Ireland Screen, and Endeavor Content. At the same time, Paramount Pictures have carried out the distribution duties.

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