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AirPods 2:And All We Know So Far

AirPods released in 2016 and took the world by a storm, two years ago. It’s been over two years since AirPods arrived in the market and today they continue to give listeners a world-class music experience. Since December of 2016, the world has changed, and today we shall talk about what all we know about Airports 2. AirPod supply remained constrained all these two years, but they indeed are exceptional to the core. It’s been long since we hear reports of AirPods 2 again and again.

From a very logical point of view, Apple Inc. is focussing more and more on the health sector, and its efforts continue to increase at a rapid pace. It was last month that the company launched ECG support on the Apple Watch. Other Apple platforms such as Health Records are seeing an expansion in the form of more and more users.

Tim Cook in an interview recently said that he believes Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind will be health-related. So it is only imperative that Apple will add health-related functionality to one of its most ground-breaking and popular products: the AirPods 2. A very clear report spelled that out for us that Apple plans to add health monitoring functionality to AirPods 2 this year only.

AirPods 2 will see changes in the design. Back in 2016, AirPods were mocked and criticized for the extra-long stem and bright white design. Last year, all new designed-AirPods were slated to launch sometime in early 2020. But now we hear reports that they will come out this year only.

The pricing on AirPods 2 is unknown for now but what is certain is that they will be released in conjunction with the public version of iOS 12.2.

Updated on March 19, 2019:

Apple is going to hold a press event on March 25. Some think we’ll get more details on the AirPods 2 there, but the event will likely focus on subscription services for TV and news, not hardware. However, even if the new AirPods aren’t given a platform there, we’ve been to that Apple suppliers are going got a mass production of the new earphones.

As far as agoes, we are told that the AirPods 2 will be going for a March release. Some even claim that AirPods 2 will ship on March 29. A Spanish blog, Applesfera, says that the current AirPods will go out of stock on March 28; they’ll eventually be replaced by AirPods 2 the next day.