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Northern Rescue Season 2 New Season Possibility, and All We Know So Far

The second season of Northern Rescue can be released on Netflix since the first season grabbed a huge success. The doubt of the viewers is that, will there be a second season? The chances are that the season could be released on Netflix in the future. Season one had managed to make its name worldwide and was streamed by Netflix and CBC Gem, and the episodes can be watched, downloaded and streamed.

Fans are eager to hear news about the second season since they watched the first season in one go, especially in the USA and UK.

Northern Rescue Season 2 Confirmed?

The official announcement for the next season is still to be given out by Netflix or CBC. The first season was globally released on 1 March, with all the episodes getting released in one go. This tells us that a lot of time is still there for the second season to get released.

Fans have not stopped showing their desires about the second season, and even though it’s too early to expect anything, fans are not staying back from tweeting and expressing themselves. Fans have mentioned how much they loved the first season as they watched it at once and now cannot wait for the second episode. The tweeter account of Northern Rescue responded with gratefulness to the fans.


We are already in March 2020, and still, there is noon whether there will be a season 2 of the show or not. Well, it is required to note that the Twitter handle of the show has noon the future of the show, but it does retweet tweets regarding a renewal from fans. Below is one of such Tweets!

Northern Rescue Season 2

Northern Rescue Season 2

Northern Rescue Season 2 update

The green light has not been received for the next season; however, we predict to come out around the same time as season one came out last year. The expected time was around March 2020. However, March 2020 is pretty much over, and now we are having second thoughts on whether there will be another season of the show or not. We have been enthusiastic about it, but now, it looks like we will have to let it go, until and unless we get any announcements from Netflix or CBC.

We do not have much information about the second season as to how many episodes it will have, and the first glimpse is yet to be seen.

Northern Rescue season 1 is streaming now on Netflix!