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AMD Zen 2:And Specifications

Zen 2 update
Zen 2 AMD

There is a lot of hype about the new processor by AMD. The next-gen 7nm AMD Zen 2 processor is the latest CPU design, which is coming out pretty soon. Zen 2 is expected to be released in July 2019. AMD confirmed that they had begun sampling Zen 2 processors last year. They also confirmed that they would hit the market in 2019.

The early engineering samples have been out, and it shows that it has the same eight-core, 16-thread design as the current top chips. However, they are equipped with a 4GHz base and 4.5GHz boost clocks.

AMD is actually introducing a new chiplet design. It is mixing the 7nm CPU silicon from the 14nm I/O chip. TSMC’s 7nm architecture allows half power at the same performance, or it provides more than 25% extra performance with the same power envelope. AMD has actually promised up to twice the throughput of its last-gen CPU.

So far the early performances that have been taken from the Zen 2 processors have been good. They are currently doing the rounds as delivering a 13% IPC performance boost over and more than the existing Zen+ processors of the second-gen Ryzen range.

These will actually be the first 7nm x86 processors which will hit the consumer market too. This is happening long before Intel can even release their own 10nm chips. Zen 2 clearly shows a unique approach to AMD’s processors, and it promises actually to provide stiff competition to Intel.

AMD has shown no signs of stopping as the design for Zen 3 is already in progress, and it seems that it will be released in 2020 on the 7nm+ node.