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The Winds of Winter: Updates So Far By George RR Martin

The Wings of Winter

In this post, we are going to talk about The Winds of Winter details. It seems like Game of Thrones fans are having a lot of issues right now. I know you might be thinking why is that? First of all, their beloved show Game of Thrones is going to end after the upcoming eighth season.

Additionally, it is hard even to find any news about the spin-off of the show, which is more disappointing for Game of Thrones fans. On top of that, they are still waiting for The Winds of Winter to be completed by George RR Martin. For those who do not know, The Winds of Winter is the next novel in George RR Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire, which is the inspiration of Games of Throne.

The Wings of Winter

George RR Martin Books

Hence, Games of Throne fans are a little bit off right now. However, we have news for them, as George RR Martin has said something which might interest them. Recently, George RR Martin assured the fans that he is working on The Winds of Winter and he will be completing the novel anyhow.

Interestingly, the commitment would be a relief for the fans as they were deliberately trying to find out what George RR Martin has to say about it! George seems committed to complete the book, but he has not mentioned when he plans to release it. He confirmed that the novel would not release in 2018. But nothing more was provided after that.

Thus, I am positive that this year might be the end of waiting for another addition to A Song of Ice and Fire series.

As the fans wait for ‘The Winds of Winter,’ the writer, George RR Martin was offered to appear in the eighth season of Game of Thrones as a cameo role. However, he declined, and this is probably because of The Winds of Winter.

As all the fans have a close eye on Game of Thrones, we are committed to stay a step ahead and provide you the details of what will happen next. While we know that Game of Thrones has ended, fans only hope to read the next volume of the series of books on which the show is based. The Winds of Winter is supposed to be the next installment, which George RR Martin has written.

Many were wondering what is the status on it, which was just a question without an answer. But Ian McElhinney provided us an answer we all have been expecting. He suggested that George RR Martin has completed the sixth and the seventh book of the series. He also stated that the books would not release before the Game of Thrones concludes, as he has struck a deal with HBO. So, it is good news for all the GoT fans!

While we all are curiously waiting for more developments to come through for one of the most awaited book of all time, we are still far away from the update. However, by the time Game of Thrones completed its final season, we heard George RR Martin saying that he is trying to focus more on Winds of Winter, and even being locked down with his computer and eating healthy diet. But, recently, we heard him saying his best news, as we think we have finally got a update.

Winds of Winter update

As George RR Martin has been working on the book for a decade, we might finally get to read the book this year. We are expecting the Winds of Winter to be released by December 2020. Earlier, we had reports saying that he had promised to release the book Winds of Winter at Worldcon in New Zealand, but due to COVID19, all is canceled for now.


George RR Martin was named Master of Ceremonies at Worldcon, a science fiction convention held annually in countries all over the world. This year, the airline even offered Martin a free airfare to their country so that he could finish his upcoming masterpiece ‘The Winds of Winter’ in peace.

In a blog post-George RR Martin replied to this saying, if he is unable to complete his book when he arrives in New Zealand for forthcoming Worldcon 2020, fans have his formal written permission to imprison him in a small cabin on White Island until he’s done.

The dates of the convention are from 29 July to 2 August 2020, which means that Martin has a few months left to finish the convention before the end of the year. However, given that the coronavirus has called many new events into question, Martin may be delayed even further before the book is released, especially as the convention may even be canceled.

While many fans are concerned about the delay due to current COVID-19, Martin has assured the fans that the pandemic may even help him get written earlier than expected. According to his blog, Martin has revealed that he is in self-isolation at present.