All the Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix This Week

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We are facing a very strange situation, and apparently, things are not looking too good, however, as they say, ‘after every night there’s a brighter day,’ we will have to stay put and keep our patience in these strange times and cooperate with the officials without fullest efforts. When 2020 started, nobody could have imagined that a global pandemic in the form of Covid-19 will break out and will affect the lives of all, but again, life is full of uncertainties, and now, to stay safe, we have to stay indoors and practice social distancing. 

This might be the only time that we are required to cut our social ties physically, and because we have never faced a situation like this before, its only natural to get immensely bored and lose patience, however, for this particular reason, online streaming giants like Netflix have decided to up the ante, and push out countless quality content to keep us busy and entertained in our homes. Our job is not that hard at all compared to that of the key workers, as we only have to stay in our home and this might be the only time you will ever get to binge-watch all the shows that you’ve planned for a long time. 

List of Shows/Movies Releasing on Netflix This Week:

The month of May has been a superb month for online content consumers so far, and the rest of the month will likely stay the same, as there are still so many awesome shows to come out. In this post, we will be listing all the original shows and movies that will release on Netflix this week (between 11th May – 17th May)

The list of shows releasing on Netflix this week are as follows:

Available 11th May 2020

Bordertown: Season 3: A Netflix Original

Have a Good Trip:

Adventures in Psychedelics: A Netflix Documentary: The show promises a great drama by portraying the highs and lows of hallucinogens in animation, which are inspired by the stories of different celebrities. 

Trial By Media:

A Netflix Documentary: A documentary that sheds light on some of the most dramatic trails in the history of the US and the impact of global media on their verdict.

Available 12th May 2020

True: Terrific Tales: A Netflix Family Show

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. the Reverend: Netflix 


Available 13th May 2020

The Wrong Missy:

A Netflix Film: Follows Tim Morris and his funny story when he invites his dream girl only to realize that he had invited a crazy blind date from his past.

Available 14th May 2020

Riverdale Season 4

Available 15th May 2020


A Netflix Original: Follows a struggling magician who performs the trick of his life by making a wanted criminal disappear during a police raid, and now he has to help the police to find the criminal.

District 9

I Love You, Stupid: A Netflix Film

Inhuman Resources: A Netflix Original

Magic for Humans Season 3: A Netflix Original

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5: A Netflix Family Show


White Lines:

A Netflix Original: Follows the story of a girl who trips to Ibiza to investigate the mysterious death of her brother.

Available 16th May 2020

La Reina de Indias y el conquistador: A Netflix Original

Public Enemies

United 93

Available 17th May 2020

Soul Surfer


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