Splitgate: Arena Warfare PS4 update

Split gate: Arena Warfare was announced for PC quite some time ago. The game is free to play the first-person shooter. It is an arena-based game in which the players shoot bullets and portals as well. You don’t need to be surprised or reread the previous sentence in disbelief because that’s not an error. The game allows us to use portals against your opponents.

The game was the center of attention for a lot of time. After the game’s launch on May 22 on PC, the rest of the gaming community is intrigued to know whether or not the game will make way to the other consoles which include the PlayStation 4. There is very little information on the subject.

The official website of the game had a statement in which they stated that the game would be coming to be PC on May 22nd via the Steam store. They also made it clear that they want to make their way to console in the future.

The game looks pretty fun, and if it stays among the hottest prospects, then we could see it coming out for PlayStation 4. We know that PlayStation is very popular and people use it more than other consoles so, there will be many who would like to play Splitgate: Arena Warfare on their PS4.

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