Destiny 2: Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Guide

In this post, we will be talking about the newest added exotic hand cannon, Lumina and the quest associated to it. Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence is at its full swing and with the newest update in the Thorn-Last Word storyline, fans are extremely excited for the latest added exotic hand cannon which is called as Lumina. This exotic hand cannon is available in the game for the annual pass members, and we have brought all the details and information of the quest available so that you can do it efficiently without wasting much time.

The trailer of the exotic weapon has been released and from the trailer, it is evident that this exotic weapon is extremely specialists special characteristics sets it apart from all other weapons in the game. As the description, Lumina is an exotic hand cannon and players having this weapon can use it to inflict damage on the enemies and can also use the weapon to heal the team members. Now, that is one helping feature which surely will catch the attention of the gamers.

According to data miners, the previous Thorn quest might be an important step to get the cannon, and thus players might need to complete that before. So, the first step is to go to EDZ and then proceed to the Salt Mines. Then, players must find a fallen transponder to be teleported to the next location. Upon reaching there, players need to make their way through the ledge to the abandoned camps and locate a chest. Players need to get the items inside the chest for the first part.

Next step in the Exotic Quest will be ‘A Fateful Gift.’ In this step, players will need to ‘find the location of the original Thorn’ using the ‘System Positioning Device.’ On reaching the place, players need to locate a chest which will be notified by the Ghost.

The next quest will be to generate a total of 250 light orbs.

If you follow these steps correctly then, you must have the Legendary hand cannon Rose in your possession and three other Legendary quest steps.

Next quest will be to ‘Defend The Light – Kills 100 enemies in a continuous streak without reloading.’

The next step is to complete any of the quests which include: facing the hordes in the Blind Well, Escalation Protocol or Black Armory Forges. Players only need to complete one.

The final quest will put the players in the Nightfall where they need to attain a minimum score of 50000. There is another quest which asks players to play the task of their choice, however, the only catch is players will have to have the Legendary Rose.

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