Monster Girl Doctor Episode 7 Preview, and Spoilers

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Monster Girl Doctor

It is the start of a new week with another latest development of Monster Musume no OishaSan. Let’s see what Monster Girl Doctor has to offer for us today. Dr. Glen is still continuing to bring peace between humans and monsters. He helped a half lady horse to recover from her broken front leg. The lady thanks Glen for helping her. Sappheteti said that if Illy allows them to examine her they will be able to return to Lindworm.

Glen said that Illy is refusing them to examine her and he thinks that something is wrong about her. The horse lady wants to discuss something important with doctor Glen. Later Saphpheteti Glen and the horse lady are walking in the mountain forest. The horse lady said that Illy is requesting to see Miss Tisalia in exchange for the examination.

This week’s post is about Monster Girl Doctor Episode 7 preview, and a recap. Here we are going to see how Dr. Glen will be able to help a harpy who can not fly.  Let’s start by looking at the schedule below before moving to the updates below.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 7 will be released on Sunday, 23 August 2020, at 11:00 PM JST. Note that Monster Girl Doctor’s new episode is released every Sunday. The spoilers of episode 7 are not yet available. You can take a look at the following details below to understand what this Anime is all about.

Monster Girl Doctor
Monster Girl Doctor

Previously on Monster Girl Doctor Episode 6

Glen asks the horse lady if she knows Illy and she replied that she does not know her. She does not even know why Illy wants to meet Miss Tasalia and they both reach where Illy is. Glen knocks the door and enters inside the room and he finds feathers scattering all over the room. He saw Illy and he thinks that she was trying to fly but she can’t as her wing is broken.

Sappheteti cleans the room and Glen tries to convince Illy to get examined. Glen told her that she has brought Miss Tasalia with him. Illy allows him to examine her wing and later she will talk with Miss Tasalia after getting treated. Glen notice that compared to other harpies the colors of her wing aren’t as vibrant and the wing is big for her body.

Glan thinks that Illy is a great flyer and he tries to check her temperature by touching her. Glen mistakenly touches Illy’s chest and Illy screams but he apologizes. Sappheteti told him to be gentle with young girls and he must use a thermometer not hands. Glen discovered that Illy is not sick. She is just molting and always grows new feathers when seasons changes.

He told her she is not even injured all she has to do is to eat well and get enough rest. She will be able to fly in no time and Illy thinks that Glen is lying because even when she molted before she could still fly. Glen said that she has lost many feathers than usual that’s why she can’t fly. Illy refuse to belive doctor Glen and she wanted to kick him out of anger and Miss Tasalia blocks her leg.

Illy runs out of the room Miss Tasalia asks Glen to allow her to handle Illy. Miss Tasalia follows Illy and she came back with a scratch in her face. Glen took care of Tasalia and said they have to do something about Illy. They gathered all of Illy’s feathers around the village to help Illy.

Glen looks at Illy’s feather and discovered that Illy is not molting. Later Glen manages to make Illy realize the truth and told her she has Phoenix blood.  Illy is happy that she will fly again and in the morning colors of her feathers have changed. She started flying out of happiness

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 7 Preview

That’s all about Monster Girl Doctor Episode 7 latest updates and preview. Next week we will be back with more about the upcoming episode of this Anime.

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