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Kpop Group SEVENTEEN To Promote As 11 Members in South Korea; Jun and The8 To Focus On China Promotions For 2 Months

SEVENTEEN Kpop boy band
SEVNTEEN changes Promtion activity schedule; Pledis confirms.

Kpop boy group SEVENTEEN has made changes in their promotion schedules. According to confirmed reports, 11 members of SEVENTEEN will promote activities in South Korea. Meanwhile, members- Jun and The8- will entirely focus on promotions in China. The condition is temporary as it will follow up only for a couple of months. SEVENTEEN or SVT’s label Pledis entertainment released a detailed statement to explain their decision. Plus, they also explained the conditions of the arrangement to all SVT fans.

Both Jun and The8 from SEVENTEEN are Chinese, and they are the best candidates to promote their Kpop group in the nation. Pledis Entertainment begins its official statement explaining the arrangement for SVT members in the second half of the year. And they also mentioned how the company supports both SVT as a group and the individual members.

SEVENTEEN Kpop Group – Jun and The8 to Focus On China Activities

Pledis Entertainment issued an official statement to declare that the Chinese member of Kpop boyband SEVENTEEN will promote activities in China. Meanwhile, the other 11 will continue promotions in South Korea. The company explained that they want to explore international borders. Also, Pledis wants its artists to take part in all of the opportunities available. Furthermore, Jun and The8 will focus on Chinese activities from September to November to fulfill their wishes. In addition to this, the two members will resume the China activities, which were halted due to COVID-19. Jun and The8 will spend time with their family members and the two who were forced to stay away due to the ongoing pandemic.

SEVENTEEN Kpop boy band

Jun and The8 from Kpop group, SEVENTEEN

Pledis also explained that all SVT members would follow safety guidelines, especially those traveling outside the country. They will follow self-quarantine and other norms to avoid getting the virus. In the end, Pledis asked the fans to shower the group with a generous amount of love and understanding. Also, they asked them to wait for their upcoming events in both Korea and China.

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