Mr Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 10 Preview, and Spoilers

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Mr Love Queen's Choice

With only two episodes left let’s see how we are going to conclude this Anime here. From the last episode of this Anime, MC met with Josie who is an agent of Black Swan. Josie told MC that she will kill her and then kill Gavin. Gavin came and save her after a long battle with Josie and later MC finds out she is the queen. The queen possesses powers that the Black Swan wants. Now she is facing a powerful villain.

Back to the present MC notice that Gavin has started to ignore her due to losing control of his Evol. Meanwhile, Kiro suddenly declared his retirement due to the commotions caused by his fans. MC is worried that she can’t even reach one of the Evolvers and Victor has disappeared. No one knows what is happening and MC tries to get information from Mr. Goldman and Mr.Mill but she got nothing.

Today we will be looking at Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 10 preview, and recap. The Evolvers are nowhere to be found MC wants to know the truth about them let’s find out below what will happen. Before moving further let’s start by taking a look at how this Anime releases its episode below.

Mr. Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10 will be released on Thursday, 17 September 2020, at 12:00 AM JST. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice will release its latest new episode every Thursday. This post may contain spoilers of the upcoming episode, so proceed with caution. Let’s move at the recap and preview below.

Mr Love Queen's Choice
Mr. Love Queen’s Choice

Previously on Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 9

MC thinks that since she can’t get one of the Evolvers it means that they have a common thing. The invisible warped power had already engulfed the city and MC prays for the safety of the 4 Evolvers. MC is at work busy with her colleges she has discovered weird stuff happening in the city from her colleagues. MC notices that since Evol has gone out of control strange incidents have started happening.

MC head towards the Loveland University. On her way, she saw a man rampaging with fierce power that destroyed the building. Lucien shows up and saves her from the building that was collapsing. Lucien explains to MC why she couldn’t reach him the moment she needs him. Lucien asks MC if there is something she wants to tell him and MC said that everything that is happening is her fault. All the incident and dangerous things that is happening MC thinks that it’s her fault.

A girl told her that she has the ability to awaken and amplify Evols. Lucien replied that he thinks that evolution is necessary and to create a better future they need to keep moving forward. Lucien console MC and gives her the courage to focus on her future without blaming herself. Later Lucie and MC went to the old building trying to find the truth.

MC saw a vision of a group of villains trying to attack them and she hides with Lucien. A group of villains came and search for them and they didn’t find them then they leave. MC and Lucien end up finding a receiver. The find out that the Loveland tower Tv is going to be attacked and they decided to go and stop it. On their way, they encounter the villains, and Lucien defeated them all.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 10 Preview

Within a matter of seven days, we will be back with more updates as we are about to conclude this Anime soon. Thanks to the Crunchyroll video collection for the preview and updates up above. Make sure to visit this Anime official website using this link Crunchyroll and

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