Shadowverse Episode 24 Preview, and Spoilers

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Let’s take a look at some of the latest updates of this Anime, Hiro and his crew has discovered about the Tree of Woe. It is an Avatar of disaster, sealed for millennia, the destroyer of the world. The Tree of Woe brings the world to an end and Luca is shocked to hear that. Hiro’s crew has to prove if they are worthy by completing the last trial, the gate of the trial has been opened. They find that there are different doors leading them to the trial.

They decide that each person goes through a door alone and Hiro told his team that they have to save everyone. They both entered their different doors and ends up appearing in different places. Hiro is inside the hall of trials and the holder of the trials Leo appears. He told Hiro that he must surpass his limit and save the world after that he will release Hiro’s powers. Hiro calls him Leo and he replied that if he calls him CEO Leo he will make an exception for him.

In this post, we are going to talk about Shadowverse Episode 24 preview, and a recap. For you not to miss any updates or episodes of this Anime. You can use the weekly release schedule of Shadowverse to get new updates and episodes as soon as they are released. Take a look below.

Shadowverse Episode 24 will be released on Tuesday, 22 September 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. Keep in mind that every Tuesday you will get a new episode of this Anime. Watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episodes when you continue. Take a look at the summary and preview below.


Previously on Shadowverse Episode 23

Leo announces that Hiro’s friend will be fighting against those who could not gain the right to save the world. He also said that he has created the ultimate Shadowverse players and Hiro’s opponent will be Leon Aurenche. The battle begins Leo chooses Amulet Card: Ancient Amplifier and he adds two cards to his deck. Hiro decided to play Ivory Dragon and end his turn while Leo summons Magicsteel Leon. Magicstell Leon’s effect added two cards to Leo’s deck and Leo ends his turn.

Hiro is confused about Leo’s Amulet and it is a class that he has never seen before. Hiro plays Sandstorm Dragon and attacks Leo’s leader with Ivory Dragon. Sandstorm unleashes a powerful blast to Leo’s leader and decreases its power. Leo said that it tickles and he plays Hamelin and adds another 3 cards and then play the spell card Mass-Produced Biology. Hiro said that Leo plays weird cards that are not in his class. Leo replied that he is correct and his deck is different from the others he then unleashes artifacts.

Hiro asks Leo what his class is and he replied that it is Portalcraft class. Leo notices that Hiro is defeating all of his special cards and unleashes the creator Manifest, Genesis Artifact. Leo said that he has been waiting for the child of Eji Ryugasaki Hiro Ryugasaki. Hiro asks if Leo knows his father and Leo replied yes he was his friend. Leo ends up saying that he is going to tell Hiro the old story when Hiro’s father disappears with a lady. The last Trial still continues.

Shadowverse Episode 24 Preview

You can officially watch Shadowverse on Crunchyroll and visit its official website using this link With the above latest updates so far, that how we end our post. More updates of this Anime will be available for you next week after the release of episode 24.

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