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Steven Universe Season 6: New Title, Opening Sequence For The Last Season

Steven Universe Future: Steven and his friends are back for the last season, this Autumn. This return wasn’t just thought of, rather debated upon by the showmakers for long.

One would say, Steven Universe is back on popular demand, yet again. Season 5 could very well have been the last season and the Steven Universe movie would have been sufficient to tie the loose plot ends. However, we were greeted by Steven and his Gems again, this time in the form of the last season.

Steven Universe, the 6th Season will i.e. Future take place right after the events of Steven Universe: The Movie. Some even say that two years will pass after the events of the show’s first five seasons. In the new opening, characters are shown in their jump looks, there is a whole new cast of gems and humans and a brand new song.

Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe Season 6: Steven and his gems are back for the final season.

Well, technically, it’s a song from Steven Universe: The Movie, but retooled to be a little shorter for the sake of a brief opening clip.

The announcement of Steven Universe: Future also met with a short teaser of the series’ direction. Steven in season finale has finally solved enough of people’s problems and so he’s landed into problems of his own.

Sugar did not announce a premiere date for the final season.