Pokemon 2019 Episode 41 Preview, and Spoilers

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Pokemon 2019

It is a shinny hot day at Kuchiba city Satoshi, Goh, and Pikachu are enjoying ice cream. Director Sakuragi came out and announces that they have detected strong biological energy. It is showing that a rare pokemon has appeared and Goh notice that Thunder is coming. Goh and Satoshi head to where Thunder is and Goh finds out that Thunder is electric flying type pokemon. It is a legendary pokemon that is said to live in thunderclouds it freely controls lightning bolts.

Goh informs Sakiragi that they are in position but Thunder has not shown up yet. Sakuragi said that the data indicates a high probability that it will emerge ate the port. He orders them to stay there and keep on investigating. Goh promise Satoshi that he is going to catch Thunder after an aerial battle. Goh thinks that Flygon will be the one to defeat Thunder and Satoshi said he will be the first one to battle Thunder. They both started arguing about who will battle it first.

This post is about the Pokemon 2019 Episode 41 preview, and recap. Let’s find out how will Goh and Santoshi find the legendary Pokemon below. Let’s see what will happen down below.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 41 will be released on Sunday, 18 October 2020, at 6:00 PM JST. Every Sunday new episode of Pokemon 2019 is released. Allow me to take you at more updates of Pokemon 2019 below. Take a look at the recap and preview dow

Pokemon 2019
Pokemon 2019

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 40

While they where arguing Thunderclouds vanished and the sky became clear they both walk through the city while disappointed that Thunder didn’t show up. Goh asks Satoshi if he has ever heard the question of whether the Egg or the Pokemon came first. Satoshi replied yes and Goh said does Thunder live in thunderclouds or do the thunderclouds forms around it. Satoshi replied that he gets what he is saying and Goh adds that pokemon are still wrapped up in mystery.

There is no clear answer about it they then met with Koharu at the bus stop. While they are talking with her they receive new that thundercloud has shown up again near the port. Goh decides to go in a different direction saying he has found the answer to the Egg or Pokemon question. The reached their destination and Goh reveals that between Pokemon and Egg  Pokemon came first.

While they are inside the building they bump with Team Rocket and they both stole each other’s line ready to battle. Team Rocket reveals that they are just here to scout out the place as their second base. While they are still talking they heard Thunder screaming and Team Rocket is happy about it. They both reach where Thunder is and Rabifoot along with Pikachu got defeated in a single hit.

Team Rocket unleashes Saidon and Maggyo that are capable of fighting with Thunder. Despite their chance of winning Saidon and Maggyo are just like their owners they do the opposite and attack the wrong target. Santoshi and Goh battle with Thunder they use different Pokemons that got defeated. Rabbifoot ends up defeating Thunder using Blaze Kick and Goh captures it.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 41 Preview


That’s what the preview has to offer for us along with the update of the next episode. Within a matter of seven days, we will be coming back with other updates of this Anime. You can get more episodes of this Anime on www.tv-tokyo.co.jp

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