The Expanse Season 4 Review: A Masterpiece

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After watching season 4 of The Expanse, fans would be thanking Amazon for keeping the show alive. It is a modern sci-fi show. A funny thing about the show is that it might feature the dangers of a monopolistic corporation like Amazon.

The storyline

The storyline focuses on the dangers of corporate companies on politics. The world of Expanse expanded with the opening of Ring Gates. Season 4 brought with itself lots of tensions between corporations, politicians, and normal people along with examinations. The story will now focus on one of the other planets of the ring. A ship filled with refugees cross from Ganymede, they settle on a deserted planet named Ilus. The planet is found to be rich in lithium. The belters make Ilus their new home; the Earth Corporation Royal Charter Energy gives the UN the right to conduct experiments and scientific study on the planet. However, the truth soon comes to life that their actual intention is to claim the planet and take it away from the belters.

Holden sends the crew of Rocinante to Ilus to investigate the presence of protomolecule. They also face the tension growing between belter inhabitants and RCE envoy. The show has depicted all prominent characters to be trapped in one location. Soon they become aware of the dangers that exist beneath the planet and have to decide whether they would adapt to the environment or perish in the horrifying world.

The show sends out western vibes as reflected in Ilus’ dark horizon and alien landscape. It further features some cool drama, threats from aliens, and special effects. We can also witness the complexities of characters as they face extreme circumstances. Especially characters like Amos and Naomi are put in adverse situations which is beyond their control.

The show mainly revolves around Ilus, however, still emphasizes on favorite characters like Avasarala and Bobbie Draper with their own interesting storylines. This is definitely going to keep the interest of the audience intact as the characters go on discovering the new world. Now, it seems the show will finally get a chance to gain popularity that it has always deserved.

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