‘Doctor Who’ Fans Disappointed With Season 11 Finale

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Doctor Who Fans Disappointed With Season 11 Finale

Doctor Who season 11 last episode was televised last Sunday, and fans were expecting that it would show the best out of the science-fiction plot. However, fans were unhappy after watching at the episode which they were waiting for, and the title “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos” was also attractive, but it all led to an already-known enemy.

Fans were amazed to see how it began as they traveled to a planet which was wrecked due to war, and they could imagine what would have happened at the place. But then it felt like everything was a diversion to the climax as fans were hoping something different and all they got was Mr. Toothy Face, also called Tim Shaw.

We have seen him before in the series, and he is responsible for the death of Graham’s spouse. Some were excited to see what Graham does to him, but most of the fans were disappointed with this ending. Users were tweeting a lot of comments about it, and that clearly showed the outrage towards the finale episode.


It shows how the fans reacted to the episode, and it sure looked like a lack of novelty from Doctor Who.

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